Backup / Re-imaging Solution - Advice needed

  Jdoki 10:02 08 Nov 2004

Hi all

I'm currently looking for a backup or disk imaging solution for my system. I have two lines of enquiry...

1) Utilise my DVD burner. In which case does anyone know some good software? It needs to support single/dual layer DVD and be as comprehensive as possible (I'd like something more elegant than my current method of 'drag n drop' files to the DVD).

2) An external Hard drive. In which case, anyone got experience of these? What software do they come with etc. Is 'one touch backup' that some claim really as easy to use as it sounds?

The obvious advantage of the hard drive method is that it's got a much bigger capacity, so in theory I could back up my entire hard drive easily. Advantage of the DVD method is that it's cheap and I've already got the burner.

In the past I've used Norton Ghost for re-imaging hard drives, but this was many years ago - so I'm a bit out of touch about what levels of compression I would get - i.e. Could I fit a 120GB hard drive image on a 9.4GB DVD?

Ideally the back up software on either solution (if it can't do reimaging) would be smart enough to ferret out common and critical files/settings that require back up - example, systems settings, IE favourites, Firefox Bookmarks, in a perfect world even back up my email folders! Also what sort of disaster recovery does the software/hard drive incorporate?

Thanks in advance for any advice, comments and opinions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:26 08 Nov 2004

What Op sys? XP has a built in file and settings transfer wizard, plus a back up facility.

Hard Disk Back UP:-
XXCopy click here is free recommened by other foeum users but not yet tried.

  Jdoki 11:40 08 Nov 2004


I didn't think the built in XP utility was all that comprehensive/good from what I'd heard, but I may give it a look.

Will try xxcopy when I get a chance.

Thanks for advice.

  rawprawn 11:49 08 Nov 2004

I would recomend Acronis True Image click here I use True Image 7, but the latest is True Image 8. They have a secure Zone which partitions your hard drive keeps an exact copy and gives you the alternative to revert to that on boot by pressing F11. You can also back up to wherever else you choose either full backup or incremental with schedule facilities. I have found Acronis support very helpful.

  rawprawn 11:52 08 Nov 2004

Forgot to mention it has a facility to back up any part of your system or to "Unplug" any part of a back up, which is relevant to you question.

  pj123 11:56 08 Nov 2004

xxcopy won't work with XP. You need xxclone free from click here

Even then it will only clone one hard disk to another hard disk.

  jimv7 12:36 08 Nov 2004

Use the latest norton ghost, it supports cdr/dvd.

  Jdoki 16:17 10 Nov 2004

for the advice everyone.

Acronis Trueimage seems perfect for my needs.

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