Backup queries in XP

  CurlyWhirly 23:05 27 Nov 2004

My sister has recently upgraded to XP from Windows 95 so that she can upgrade to broadband from dial-up.
She has XP installed on a 80 gb hard drive but she still has the old 10 gb hard drive with Windows 95 on it (in her old PC tower) and she was asking me today if there was some way to be able to use it for backups.

I know how to format it from XP but I was wondering what would happen if it was installed?
Can XP 'see' it as it was formatted under the (old) FAT32 format?
Also are there any FREE backup programs available or will she have to buy Norton Ghost or Acronis for example?
Any help would be most welcome!

  CurlyWhirly 23:31 27 Nov 2004

Update: I have just read another thread in the Helproom and it says that if you take out the old drive and make it a 'slave', then when Windows loads you can then format it.
Is this right bearing in mind that the old drive is FAT32 not NTFS?

  jg1990 23:38 27 Nov 2004

I'm fairly confident thats correct.

When you format the drive under XP, if I remember correctly you are given an option whether to format with FAT32 or NTFS.

Hope this helps, James

  AndySD 23:43 27 Nov 2004

Yes... it will format it to NTFS. As for backup. I use a second drive for backup but dont back up the whole system just things like My Documents and Downloaded programs and drivers and my Outlook files. You can use something like click here to do this automaticaly for you.

  CurlyWhirly 23:44 27 Nov 2004

Cheers for that. I will now look for a FREE backup utility assuming one exists!
I will do a Google!

  CurlyWhirly 23:47 27 Nov 2004

Thanks. Resolved.

  Danoh 00:49 28 Nov 2004

If she has a brand new PC, it may have S-ATA cabling rather than the older EIDE/UATA cabling which is required for her old 10Gb HDD.

If so and assuming its still possible to hook up her EIDE HDD to the new MoBo, and after setting it as a slave;

XP Format 2nd HDD: >Start >Performance & Maintenance >Administrative Tools >Computer Management >Storage / Disk Management

Free Data backup Utility;

XP has one which works well for me as it has full normal, differential as well as incremental types of backup, as well as being able to run jobs which can be scheduled as often as daily. In fact, if you setup other daily jobs, you can have small differential or incremental backups running part way through the day as well.

XP Home does not install it automatically. You have to install it manually from a folder found on the XP installation or full recovery CD. Search for "XP Backup" and there are threads on this. However the full ASR function is not available although I do not miss it at all. That full function is part of the XP Pro installation.

Note that it requires the XP Home user signon to have a password set, not something you'd expect to have in a domestic setup although its 2nd nature for work use.

  Danoh 00:54 28 Nov 2004

How to install XP Backup for XP Home click here

  CurlyWhirly 01:27 28 Nov 2004

Thanks. It is a new PC but she bought it on a budget so the motherboard doesn't have SATA cables.
I have taken in what you have said Danoh.
The reason why she was asking me about a backup is that she only has an OEM version of XP with NO actual Windows CD so if something should go wrong with her drive then she would be in trouble without a backup to fall back on!

  Danoh 10:49 28 Nov 2004

Most OEM XP recovery disks are the full Windows CD with extra tweaks included by the OEM manufacturer. So you have a very good chance that XP's NTBackup pgm is also included.

Also the "Jan 2005" PC Advisor (on retailers shelves now) has a PC Backup 2005 pgm but I have not experimented with it yet.

Perhaps other PC Advisor magazine subscribers have and can comment further.

  CurlyWhirly 12:16 28 Nov 2004

You are right in what you say as after exploring the OEM XP recovery disk there is indeed the XP backup tool which she couldn't find under the 'Accessories' option.
It is in a folder called 'Backup'.
Thanks again.

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