'Backup in progress' icon permanently in system tray

  Pineman100 16:36 02 Oct 2011

I run Windows 7 Home Premium, 32-bit.

In my system tray I permanently have the 'Bachup in progress' icon showing - it's like a little flag with a clock in front of it.

I do not use the Windows 7 backup system. I gave up on it some months ago, in favour of Acronis True Image. I have checked my Windows Backup settings and I have no backups scheduled or running. Acronis is not set to backup to a schedule - I do this manually. My external hard drive is not connected to the computer.

And yet this icon is always there, no matter what I do. I suppose I should just ignore it, but it bugs me! Is there any way of getting rid of it?

  robin_x 20:53 02 Oct 2011

I too quickly gave up on W7 backup and imaging.

However my laptop always reported "Backup successful. Do you want to restore your files?" every time I booted. Easy enough to close the dialogue but it bugged the hell out of me.

In spite of extensive Googling, I never found how to get rid of it.

I reinstalled W7 in the end.

  gengiscant 11:17 03 Oct 2011

Have a look here: Annoying message But it seems that after you create your first backup, Windows Backup will add new or changed information to your subsequent backups. If you're saving your backups on a hard drive or network location, Windows Backup will create a new, full backup for you automatically when needed. You could re-connect your external drive, allow the backup to complete then change the setting in the Action Center.

  Pineman100 11:40 03 Oct 2011

robinofloxley - thanks, but I think I'll forego reinstalling Windows. I'd rather just live with the mild annoyance!

gengiscant - thank you for that link. Actually I found it myself before I started this thread. I tried all the suggestions, but the problem still persists.

  robin_x 11:45 03 Oct 2011

(I didn't just fix that with a reinstall, I had a few other things that were resisting repair too! But yes, it's a hassle)

  Cypher2Dex 20:41 08 Oct 2011

How I resolve my backup in progress message.

First, to clarify things, this happened under the situation I was in ,and the solutions stated below might not necessarily work for you.

1.I have Windows 7 (64 bit) and my destination backup drive have reserve space of more than 25GB.

2.I do not have 3rd party software installed for backup purposes. I only use Microsoft Windows Backup to do a full image of my C: drive.

3.I had no schedule backup detected in the Task Scheduler ( as in Administrative Tools) and the scheduler function under Windows backup was disabled. ( ref Microsoft Windows Backup as in control panel).

The solution:

I happened to solve this by chance, out of boredom, I just played around by enabling (it was disabled initially)the schedule backup under Microsoft Windows Backup (Even though I had no intention doing an actual backup),and had it scheduled hrs ahead.

While surfing the net for an hour, I happen to check on the system tray by chance, I noticed the backup progress message in action centre was gone . I then immediately disabled the schedule backup which I had enabled recently. The message had not reappear, it had been there for 2 weeks and now is gone :-).

Like what gengiscant above said,it might be trying to create a backup for you automatically after a recent backup (even if the schedule backup is disabled).My guess is,some where in the middle, it was unable to communicate a "termination" process and that could explain the appearance of a backup progress message in action centre. Enabling the scheduler probably helps to initiate a termination process.

What I do notice during that one hour lapse is, there is no increase in activity on my pc nor was there another backup created. At that time,I still had my recent backup that was a month old. All I can say is, the effect is NOT immediate (Pls take note of this) when I enable the backup scheduler.I only notice it when I happen to check my system tray after an hour. My C drive only consist the O.S so the message could have disappear much earlier.

If you have backup your drive with lots of data besides just your OS, just give it some time (after you have enable the scheduler) to see if the message disappears, if it disappears, then disable your scheduler in your Windows Backup .


1.Check that your Task Scheduler has no backup scheduled (Control Panel => System and Security => Administrative Tools => Task Scheduler).

2.Enable Scheduler in Microsoft Windows Backup (where you normally do your backup)(don't confuse this with your Task Scheduler under Administrative Tools). Just schedule it hours ahead or the next day.

3.Give it some time for it to take effect as I noticed this is NOT immediate.

4.If backup in progress message disappear, go back to Microsoft Windows Backup and then disabled your scheduler which you have just enable it recently.

Hope this helps.


  robin_x 00:00 09 Oct 2011

Nice to know what you found. Thanks.

(I'm still sticking with free 3rd party though. Macrium does Image only. My 50GB in 50mins USB HDD. New Easeus Todo v3 Image and File backups. Incremental and differential. 1'45" for the same 50GB, but the inc/diffs only take a few mins.)

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