backup problem on Vista

  palinka 15:54 10 Jul 2010

OS is Vista Home premium with SP1. 3 years old.
From new I’ve used the auto backup that Vista provides, to Drive D – was delighted to find this facility having had a previous OS crash when I had no backup.
I have a copy of Acronis True Image 11 but I haven’t used it and I haven’t yet bought an external Hard drive - seemed sufficient to rely on the facility that Vista provides.

Suddenly, this week, an error message popped up :
“An error occurred; there is not enough space to save the backup files. Free up disk space or change your backup settings (0x81000005)”.

Why has this happened??? I run scans regularly (AVG) and also regularly use Malwarebytes & Superantispyware and they have shown nothing untoward. So is it really the case that Vista’s backup system has a very limited life? I had assumed that each fresh backup over-wrote the previous one. Or is there another explanation?

  MAT ALAN 16:04 10 Jul 2010

So is it really the case that Vista’s backup system has a very limited life?

NO!! limited space, the clue is in the error message.
How much free sace do you actually have...
click here

the link suggests old backups are not overwritten which is why you have run out of available disc space...

  palinka 16:54 10 Jul 2010

2.6 Mb free on D drive.

  Woolwell 17:16 10 Jul 2010

IMO if drive D is a partition of the main hardrive then there is not much point backing up to it. If the hardrive fails then so does your back up. Much better to use external media or another hard drive.

  Pineman100 18:23 10 Jul 2010

Keeping backups on the same drive as your system is like having an inflammable fire extinguisher.

If I were you I would immediately buy an external hard drive and start using Acronis True Image to save system images to it regularly. And don't forget to use ATI's "verify" function to double-check that you images are 100% good.

Don't skimp on the size of your backup drive. You can get a 1TB drive for less than £60 these days.

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Once you have a couple of good ATI images on your external drive, you can switch off your Vista backup service and delete all the stuff in your D: partition. You can then merge it with your C: partition (unless you have other plans for it).

  palinka 18:44 10 Jul 2010

thank you all. I'll order a backup drive straightaway.
Meanwhile, would it be safe to delete files dated, for example, 2008 and 2009 from Drive D>My PC> "Backup set"?

  mooly 18:50 10 Jul 2010

Vista HP doesn't image the hard disc (which Acronis does) and only backs up your own personal files/documents/piccys etc... NOT the operating system. So if you ever had a major crash etc you still have to reinstall the OS from whatever means you have... disc, hidden partiton etc.

While I agree 100% with the comments about not putting backups on the same HDD (your D partition)in case of failure, I have to admit I do just that with Acronis keeping running incremental backups. It's so convenient and foolproof. I back up personal stuff to flash memory accepting if the HDD fails I would have to reinstall Vista... but at least my own stuff is safe to put back if that ever happened.

  rdave13 18:52 10 Jul 2010

I wouldn't yet until you get your external drive to do the latest backup.

  palinka 19:34 15 Jul 2010

External drive arrived today and I've just completed backing-up to it. Thanks everyone.

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