Backup or Clone

  RedYelBlu 09:41 16 Jul 2006

I have just posted questions on other Forums about backing up images from the Master HDD to the Slave or Ext HDD, and have since been reading other threads, but can anyone please explain the difference between a 'backup' or 'cloning' of images or folders. Thanks, Ray.

  SG Atlantis® 10:45 16 Jul 2006

Backup usually means to make copies of all your files. Like your photos, mp3s and documents.

Image means a program will take an exact image (think picture) of your hard disk, this can be stored on cds, dvds or somewhere else as a big file. Then the program can take this picture of your hard disk and put your hdd back to how it was when the image was taken.

Clone, means you take another hard disk and copy it exactly to another hard disk kept as spare. So in reality you can just swap the hard disk when the other one fails.

When cloning the hard disks physically don't have to be the same size, it can be equal or bigger in storage capacity.

  Forum Editor 11:21 16 Jul 2006

conventionally refers to the copying of data files to a separate location for security purposes - network operators will have a backup routine that copies data files to a safe location at regular intervals, usually at the close of business each day.

Cloning is the process of making a precise copy of anything - from a sheep to a hard drive partition - a copy that cannot be distinguished from the original in any way.

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