Backup & format HDD on XP Pro

  fakir 12:56 25 Jul 2005

Since my PC (home) is playing the fool I intend to do a complete format. But I have to back up all the information on the PC first. When ran XP backup wizard (progs - accessories - backup)and asked to backup the information and settings on CD it refused saying that this drive is a subfolder. Can anyone help pl?

  Diemmess 13:25 25 Jul 2005

It would seem that you have only one HD drive (presumably C:)

A format will wipe literally everything off a single partition, so your backup of everything must go somewhere that is not going to be wiped by formatting C:

A second HD is the easiest option but there are several alternatives.

  fakir 13:29 25 Jul 2005

I have another partiition D. But I wish to put all the information in the safest way possible in a CD RW.

  Diemmess 13:46 25 Jul 2005

Opinions might differ about the "safest possible way" being to a CDRW disk.

Or even the safer ordinary CD, instead of another HD drive, but if you really want to use the CD route, then I hope someone else will guide you through it better than I can.

  Danoh 13:54 25 Jul 2005

You aren't able to backup directly to a CD-R (or CD-RW) directly with NTBackup.exe. Create the backup file on hard drive first, then copy that to CD-R or CD-RW as a second step.

I hope the following link works; click here;en-us;315255&Product=winxp

  Danoh 13:55 25 Jul 2005

Grrr... (you'll have to remove all the blanks I've inserted as there are none, before copying and pasting the URL into your web browser address window.

http :// / default.aspx ? scid=kb ; en-us ; 315255 & Product = winxp

  fakir 14:42 25 Jul 2005

Thanks guys. Good day to all

  fakir 19:59 26 Jul 2005

Downloaded some files and pix from the net and edited them with Word. Saved them as Word doc and the day after when opened instead of the photos and pix I got red crosses in a box. What am I doing wrong? Later I tried to save them as rich text file after I downloaded them again but same thing happened.

  Danoh 21:02 26 Jul 2005

Sounds like you have just created frames in your word doc which only has links to a location where the files/pics are stored. If you have downloaded the pics onto your hard drive, try using Word's >Insert >Pic >From file instead.

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