Backup disk space has not enough room (D:)

  Westmaster 15:20 15 Aug 2012

From day one Monday 6TH when I bought it and followed the set-up there as being this warning. In drive D there are Tools folder even Kaspersky IS 2012 is in there. To me Medion have put things on D which should be in C.

Last Monday I went round some of the out of town stores and had a look at various makes of computers if they had a D not all had and if there was 22.99GB in it. Most had but only a few Kb in size.

One interesting make was Lenovo it had a D either empty or a few Kb in so has their Medion subsidiary made a hash of things.

Can I resolve this myself or I am inclined to take it back for a refund. refund

  sharpamat 15:37 15 Aug 2012

On many Medions D is reserved for for the recovary to factory settings, It may have Kaspersky IS 2012 in a tools folder along with other programs that a factory restore may not include. Hence your tools folder will have them

My advice would be leave D alone if you are unsure what its for ask medion untill then dont deleat or add to it

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