Backup disk?

  ramjam69 22:17 18 Mar 2006

Hello everyone.

My laptop is running incredibly slowly (constantly at 100% as seen in task manager) and takes an age to do anything. It's an Acer Travelmate 4060.
I can pinpoint what programs I'd put on to it that it ran slowly after, and deleted them.
I've run all sorts of anti-virus and spyware programs and although it was quicker, it was still much slower than before.
I thought "Ah, I'll just run the backup disk and set it as if it was new!!" However, because it's my wife's Laptop, she booted it up for the first time and she thought she'd made a backup disk when requested to. I took the disk and tried it and there was absolutely nothing on it.
I tried running the Acer eRecovery program in the eManager program, but a pop up window tells me it's not available.
I tried the Acer website, but couldn't find anything of any use.
Basically, does anyone know where I might find the backup program on my hard drive?

  Dipso 00:45 19 Mar 2006

Is it not possible to try and make another backup?

Do you not have a copy of Windows XP that came with another PC or laptop? If you have, you would be quite within your rights to use that along with the Windows Licence Key on the laptop to reinstall Windows. Of course this would only install the OS, anything else would have to be downloaded or installed separately.

You could always email Acer and see what they advise.

  Kev.Ifty 00:52 19 Mar 2006

System restore??

  ramjam69 12:56 19 Mar 2006


I'd tried to do a system restore, but every time it failed.

I did a fresh install of XP and that's certainly cured the the speed issue. However, I've now got no sound!! Although when you go into Control panel - Device manager and it says the device is there and working properly, when you go into the Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices, it says says there isn't an audio device!!


  Dipso 14:24 19 Mar 2006

Try uninstalling the audio device in device manager, reboot and see if it improves.

I had a problem with sound on an Acer desktop. The hard drive failed and I had to reinstall using my own XP disc as the Recovery software wouldn't work on the new drive. Like you the sound should have been working but wasn't.

I tried the Acer site for drivers but ended up going to the mobo manufacturers web site and downloading the correct driver there.

  ramjam69 23:06 19 Mar 2006

I'd downloaded the audio driver from the Acer website as soon as I realised there was a problem. I ran the program from the original .zip file and there was a file that wouldn't install, ran it again and it said it couldn't find another file (and Windows being Windows, you can't try and find the file in browse in the .zip file!!).
I put all the files in a folder on my desktop and ran it from that, and hey presto, job's a good 'un!!

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