Backup Discs Question.

  Conny 22:56 24 May 2008

When I first got my PC I had to make a set of 'Back-up' discs, (ran to 8 in total).
Do I use these discs if I format my hard drive or do I need the XP Home disc as well? My PC came with XP Home pre-installed. It is a HP Pavilion, 250GB HDD, AMD Athlon 64 3700+, 2.1GHz 1GB Ram SP2

  rdave13 23:00 24 May 2008

Back-up discs are to re-set to factory settings. Using CD's would take this amount of discs and was important to number them to load in sequence.
Today it's a DVD disc and only requires one and you have the option to repair the OS.

  skidzy 23:03 24 May 2008

Do not format the harddrive !!

Those will be the restore disks and will need to access the recovery/restore partition to enable you to restore to factory settings.

No further disks should be needed.

If the computer came from somewhere like PCWorld or Dell,you may well have a recovery partition too.

Normally accessed;
PCWorld computers Tapping F11 on startup
Dell CTRL + F11 on startup

  Conny 23:21 24 May 2008

Skidzy!!! Calm down! LOL
I was only asking in case I had to re-format one day and couldn't get on the net for help. The reason it ran to 8 discs was because I had no DVD's at the time and had to make these discs before I could get up and running. Thanks for your help guys, hopefully I will never need to re-format.

  rdave13 23:21 24 May 2008

The restore discs won't need the partition to restore to factory settings. You can use the partition or restore discs to re-set. Either way if an older system it will format the hard drive and restore to basics including the bumff that came along.

  skidzy 23:50 24 May 2008

Im afraid i will have a slight difference of opinion on that,though some machines will be different..granted.

If you manually format the hdd...those recovery discs will not work.
In the past ive had a couple of similar issues requiring a new drive..basically in your are saying the recovery discs will work on a new drive also then ?...did not for me.Maybe i did something wrong Lol :-)


The reason i said,do not format was;
I have no idea of your computer skills and ability,so hence the caution note.

Sorry i posted on this one !

  rdave13 00:53 25 May 2008

You should not reformat the harddrive if you have a restore only CD's or DVD.
If you do reformat then you lose your restore partition and have no choice but to use the restore disc(s) to re-instate to factory installation.
Laptop with Vista. Created the restore disc via HP instructions. Copied that with a burner program(iso).
Decided to try the restore disc by rebooting with disc in drive (boot from dvd drive pre-set) and had a restored Vista OS.
Restore partition untouched.
Deleted restore partition for more space. Again loaded restore disc and rebooted and Vista reappeared, verified, and no restore partition.

Can't remember clearly but I think modern restore discs have a repair option.

  [email protected] 01:23 25 May 2008

my compac used to put the recovery partition back in. vista ultimate restores all the partitions too as did norton ghost when i used it. all these formatted and re partitioned all drives.
ie write the whole image from dvd (or any back up) to hdd.

  rdave13 02:44 25 May 2008

Strange, as when I deleted the restore partition on my Presario c500 Compaq laptop and then restored to factory state, the restore partition was not re-instated.

  [email protected] 03:04 25 May 2008

strange indeed, it did though twice.

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