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  Air_Man 09:03 15 Aug 2006

Following my previous posts, I lost everything in a RAID 0 crash. So now I am "Mr Backup" (lesson well and truely learnt;-)

I am looking to buy an external backup device and/or some software which can quickly and simply backup thing like My Docs, Outlook archives, favs, settings etc, etc.

I am running 2x250GB Maxtor DiamondMax 10 HDDs in a SATA RAID 0, but also have a 80GB IDE and 40GB IDE.

I am thinking that I could get some software that would backup the RAID drive to one of the IDE drives which would be solely for backups.

Anyone got any suggestions or comments on whether it is a good idea to backup internally or whether an external device would be better.

I would like any software/device to be "one-touch" and "schedulable" if at all possible as if it does the job, would get similar for my parents.


P.S. Don't learn the hard way, you may thing you've nothing you couldn't afford to lose, its only after it happens, you realise what you've lost!! Make sure its "BACK-UP, BACK-UP, BACK-UP".

  recap 09:59 15 Aug 2006

You could use a tape back up drive click here to see a selection.

I think internal or external bakc ups is down to personal choice.

Most back up software that I have come across allow scheduled tasks, plus allow incremental backing up.

  Air_Man 10:30 15 Aug 2006

Thx recap. However, I think I'd rather go for disk backup - speed reasons (I didn't even realise tape backups still existed with the cost of direct access devices being so cheap now!).

I'm only going to need to backup a few GB of data but I want to make sure I do it regularly, so it needs to be quick and simple.

  keef66 10:38 15 Aug 2006

buy an external usb hard drive and Acronis True Image software. Remove the external drive when you're not backing up, so it's safe even if the pc takes a direct hit.

  961 10:39 15 Aug 2006

There are reasons for each but I have gone external on the basis that the files are totally away from the computer. If that goes down or gets lost stolen or trashed you still have the external record. Away on holiday it can be stored elsewhere or at another location

Acronis True Image works well for me on a one button push Maxtor drive, but since you have spare hard drives you could buy an external hard drive caddy with usb or firewire connection

One disadvantage of this sort of system is that if the computer is down you may well not be able to recover the operating system because the usb drivers do not load straight away. But the essential business of havinga copy of all your stuff is well protected

  Air_Man 11:21 15 Aug 2006

thx keef66 & 961. I'll check out Acronis True image, and think on putting one of the drives in an external caddy. Does Acronis sort out things like finding items that one would normally wish to backup (aside from My Docs) such as Outlook archives etc?

  prince midas 11:21 15 Aug 2006

I use a Maxtor external USB2 drive which I keep safely in a home safe when not using.

I do a lot of alterations to my hard drive C therefore I use Ghost to create a backup image once a fortnight.I have restored about 5 times in the last year using Ghost with no problems.

My son does exactly the same but he uses a removable caddy on his hard drive which is much faster than a USB2 but does the same job.

You can also with Ghost just restore individual files so I think it is perfect & have used various versions for over 6 years or more.

  961 11:38 15 Aug 2006

You can specify which files and folders you want to back up using Acronis, but quite honestly it's easy to make a copy of the whole drive(s) initially and then do an incremental update daily/weekly/whatever

  Air_Man 11:56 15 Aug 2006

Is "Ghost" the full product name? I keep getting "Ghost" type software on the various CDs/DVD we all pickup with PCA (and a select few others - sorry Ed but I like a rounded selection of views!), but never really looked at them much.

Time to dig through that pile and some old PCAs I think... Any of the recent "ghost" freebies any good?

  961 12:05 15 Aug 2006

Ghost is a Norton product

  johndrew 12:09 15 Aug 2006

There is an article in the latest PCA (October) on using Ghost.

There has also been a lot of discussion in these forums as to the prefered software. I think the final decision will be either personal or financial or both. I ended up with Acronis True Image and found the support excellent and the software very simple to use. It is so flexible you can virtually back up anything at any period you want (as 961 says) and either manually or automatically.

I use an external drive as backup medium for two reasons; 1. if it isn`t running it wont wear out, 2. it can be put away safely with no chance of being overwritten or stolen.

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