Backup Backup Backup (In memory of €d)

  Sir Radfordin 02:13 19 Dec 2003

Had a close call this evening, where had I made some good backups at some point life would have been less stressful. Nearly managed to loose the vauge backups I had done so really scared myself!

So this Christmas if you do nothing else then BACKUP your computer. Don't go and ruin the holiday by spending it trying to remember what files you had where and getting what settings you had made to suit your needs.

As with so many electrical things, failure seems to happen most on power up/power down and if you are someone who only turns the PC off for Christmas day then do make sure you've got those backups in place.

And even if you do have those backups, spend an extra 10 mins just checking that they do work and you know how to use them should the worst occur.

One day, after a few more scares, I'll listen to my own advice!

  Mango Grummit 07:00 19 Dec 2003

oooooh!! No Luke no. Backups, like dogs, are not just for Christmas.

  GibsonSt19 08:41 19 Dec 2003

Once you've had a major data loss, as I did recently, you immediately think "Oh, if only I'd backed it up", yet the majority of times I still don't backup even then!

We're fickle beings, but I'm sure one day we'll learn.

  Sir Radfordin 09:16 19 Dec 2003

No, Dog's aren't even for Christmas ;)

GibsonSt19, so true and it's a lesson some learn over and over again and still fail to benefit from!

Backups are like insurance, waste of time and money until you don't haev them and need them!

  The Spires 09:37 19 Dec 2003

Agree totaly, however with some friends & relatives it falls on deaf ears, then one day comes the phone call: 'My Pc wont start, what shall I do?'

  Jester2K II 12:18 19 Dec 2003

I am shocked by the number of home / small businesses i turn up to that have NO backup strategy. Worse still they have a random method of filing the documents across the hard disk.

A few weeks ago i was called out to a very corrupt installtion of Windows Me. The hardware was ok but the owner had ingored 6 months or so of increasingly more frequent crashes and error messages. He finally decided to call me the day it wouldn't start. Fortunately he'd decided to buy a new PC so when he got it i was able to rescue the data (eventually due to the random nature of his filing) and format and utilise the old disk as a backup drive.

EVERYTHING was on there - invoices, plans, accounts for 4 - 5 years...

  MAJ 12:25 19 Dec 2003

Just as a matter of interest, What does the "(In memory of ?d)" mean in the title of the thread???

  MAJ 12:26 19 Dec 2003

I hope it's nothing to do with £dstow?

  MAJ 13:42 19 Dec 2003

^^ Bump^^

  ?dstow 14:46 19 Dec 2003

It may be something to do with me.

I'm still around as you can see. It's just that I prefer not to post any longer.

I have already emailed Sir R to warn him about incurring the wrath of anti-backuppers, the don't carers and the downright insolents on this subject.

Note: Nearly time for my weekly backups which I do diligently despite a number of people who have told me I am wasting my time.

Ed (without the euro sign as it doesn't work either in Opera or on this site.)

  powerless 14:58 19 Dec 2003

Weh hey.

The man is there!

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