Backup, Backup, Backup

  Input Overload 13:42 23 Oct 2009

last night I closed my PC down that was running very nicely. This morning I booted up whil I had a cup of tea & after the initial dell screen i got in small letters on a black screen - 'There is no operating system' and that was that.

However the day before I had made an Acronis Image & with trembling hands inserted the boot CD and restored yesterdays image. Total time 10 mins or so. I now have a working PC. If I had no image backup system I would be formatting.... Sob.

I do 2 images a week, & have a delete system as each month goes by. Take note if your letting your backup system slip a little.

  sunnystaines 14:09 23 Oct 2009

you solved the problem

but did you find the cause?

  Input Overload 14:16 23 Oct 2009

Two stars collided 100,000 light years away 2AM GMT which created a graviton wave which damaged my boot sector.

Sometimes these things happen, if it happens again I will investigate more thoroughly but the only thing I have done is install O&O Defrag. My point was backup because a spike coming down your modem or a high mains spike etc can all cause these issues. I have my system running through a rather large UPS that gives 220 volts at 50htz 24/7 so I can rule mains issues out.

  Woolwell 15:04 23 Oct 2009

Have a thorough check of your hard drive. When this happened to me my hard drive had died.
I had back ups.

  Input Overload 15:08 23 Oct 2009

Ill do that Woolwell, although the PC is only a few weeks old & both hard drives have a 5 year warranty, so Ill check them out.

  sunnystaines 15:27 23 Oct 2009

does sound like hdd on way out.

i prefer jk defrag to the O&O defrag

  Input Overload 15:29 23 Oct 2009

Done a boot disc check, no problems found. I'm going to have a poke round inside to see if a SATA cable could be lose. Then if all is OK I'll just see if the issue reoccurs.

I have Everest on too and that showed on S.M.A.R.T that all is well on both drives.

I still think Acronis True Image or similar is a must have. I would have had to do a recovery & install all my applications again & as I'm really fussy about how my PC's are set-up it takes days to get it just right.

Thanks for the replies BTW.

  woodchip 17:00 23 Oct 2009

He did what I do, Why worry about what did it! unless it happens again. its easier to just restore a Image and forget it

  Input Overload 23:35 23 Oct 2009

Thanks Woodchip my thoughts entirely. I was back with a full working PC with all my apps configured etc. before my tea went cold. Why we had to go off on a tangent I don't know.

sunnystaines it's the new version 12 of O&O & much better & different than previous incarnations, have you tried it out?.

I also have a licence for PerfectDisk. The PC has a 3 year warranty and both 1TB Western Digital drives have a 5 year warranty so I'm not going to lose a nano seconds sleep.

Sometimes I have found in maintaining & system building in the last 14 years, these things just happen & searching for the cause is often a waste of time, now if it does it again I'll phone DELL & they will do a home visit.

I think I'm going to stop posting as it seems people just want to be awkward, I was just recommending always having a backup or lots of time & patience & it not being an issue to lose data. I can sort out the cause no problem.

  sunnystaines 09:43 24 Oct 2009

glad to see it never came back and all is well.

  Input Overload 22:07 26 Oct 2009

The fault has not re-occurred, so who knows. I did try a registry cleaner I later found out to be a fake, so it was probably that. I just have JV16 on now that I trust & a program called 'Registry Booster' that got some good write ups.

I also use a program called 'Win Rescue' that enables a backup of the registry to be made in 30 seconds,& then a registry to be restored in Windows. I have used this for some years & it's got me out of some scrapes.

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