Backup Advice Requested By A Novice

  dublincity 19:56 09 Mar 2003

I am new to computers. My PC is a Pentium(r).My OS is Windows 95.

I've attempted to do a complete backup, including registry files. My onscreen directions tell me that 8 floppies will be needed but 'Windows 95 for Dummies' tells me that 'hundreds' of floppies will be needed unless a tape backup is used. I spotted that after I had selected Drive A (the 3.5 in. Drive), the hound switched to Drive D, which I'd believed was dormant. I made a good start but aborted after watching a 'Preparing For Backup' box for 1 1/2 hours. It seems that I was premature since the exercise was proceeding but with only one file (out of 000's) having been backed-up. If it's going to be a round-the-clock tango then I wonder if I should enable the screen saver? My ex-wife has lent me a brand new CD-R/RW kit. I have only a vague idea about what that is. I had expected to be able to plug something in and 'backup' very quickly. I now know differently! I have since done a bit of research and read the items on this Help Site listed under 'Backup'.

Should I resume my attempt to back-up on floppies and if so, how long will it take and who is right about the number of floppies needed? Any advice will be gratefully received. Many Thanks. Mike.

  MAJ 20:08 09 Mar 2003

You wont be able to backup everything to floppies. You can only backup the files you've created e.g doc files, jpg files, etc.

  cream. 20:48 09 Mar 2003

As MAJ says it will take 100's of floppies and you will have great difficulty with large files.

The first question must be, why are you backing up. Is it for security of lost data or are you considering a reinstall of the operating system.

If it is to have a clean install of win95 then you will need certain things before you proceed. If this is the case then post back.

The cdrw drive is an excellent system for backup's. You should be able to get the equivalent of 500 floppies on one cdr disk. These cost about 40p each on average.

Fitting one and installing the software to use one is usually very easy. You have a problem in that you use windows 95, this usually doesn't have generic drivers to run cd roms. This can be overcome by down loading a win98 boot disk from here and putting the programme on a floppy disk.

click here

To fit the cdrw in to the machine do this. As you only want to backup it will be easier just to remove the old cdrom and put the cdrw in it's place.

Open the case and look at the back of the cdrom drive. You will see at least 2 connectors going to it. The smaller one is the power lead, note how the red wire is facing the middle. The wider connector or ribbon cable also has a very faint red line on the end of it, note how this is connected. The red lines are there for a specific reason. They are there to show you that when you plug these connectors in that both red lines must be facing each other.

Gently ease out both connectors and undo the small mounting screws and slide the cdrom out of the case, there may be an extra lead that is for audio, just unplug this also.

When you have the drive out the most important thing to check is the jumper settings. These jumpers or very little plastic lugs fit in the back of the cdrom near to the connectors you have just unpluged. There will be a diagram on the top of the cdrom that will tell you the jumper settings. They should be master\ slave\ cable select or cs. Make a note of this setting.

Now look at the new drive and look for the jumper and settings on this drive. The chances are very high that both are for the same setting. If they are not you will have to move the jumper\ plastic lug, to the setting of the old cdrom drive. This is easily done with a pair of tweezers.

When you have everything matching, slide in the cdrw into the drive bay. Reconnect the ribbon cable and the power cable, like they were on the old drive. If you had an audio lead then it does not matter for backup.

Now switch on the computer and boot to windows, see if the cd drive is recognized. If it is it will say that it's a cdrom. This will change when you install the software programme. It will then become a cdrw. You can then buy some disks and burn your backup's to a cdr disk.

If when you boot up and your system will not recognize the new " cdrom" drive then restart the machine with the windows 98 floppy and pick start with cdrom support option. When you get to a:\ type a:\ windows\win and then press enter. Your machine should then start up in windows with the cdrom showing.

This is long winded, but it usually only takes about 5 mins. to complete.

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