Backup advice needed

  Dumble452 07:56 07 Aug 2007

I want to reformat my internal hard drive and reinstall WindowsXP. I have ordered an external hard drive to help me achieve this. I have Acronis TI 10 but don't want to reinstall everything which is currently on my hard drive. It is a fairly simple matter to make copies of data files, but I know from past experience that restoring e-mails, e-mail addresses and favorites are more problematic.

  PalaeoBill 09:06 07 Aug 2007

There is nice free application called xxclone which will clone your existing hard drive onto the external.

click here

  Taff™ 09:51 07 Aug 2007

Using Acronis you can opt to do a separate back up of your application data and another for e-mails.

  keef66 10:12 07 Aug 2007

I too have Acronis TI 10 and an external usb HDD to which I make frequent backups.

I plan to reformat / reinstall later this year (the kids have filled the pc with so much rubbish they no longer use, it will be far easier to start from scratch)

Before I start I will make a full backup then verify it. Reinstall Windows and set up the user and email accounts. Then install all the software I do need. Finally I'll simply copy back the documents, pictures, music files, emails etc from the backup on the ext HDD. You just need to know what the files are called and copy them to the correct locations

  Dumble452 11:04 07 Aug 2007

Thanks. That sounds a good approach. I obviously need to look more closely at what True Image can do. (I always found printed manuals easier to use.)

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