Backing up your system

  ole1999 18:31 31 Jan 2005

I had nothing better to do so i thought i would back up my entire system, it used 14 discs.
My question is, what exactly does it back up, have i got my entire p.c on my discs, when would it come in useful, do i just reload them all to get everything back if i have any major problems!

Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 31 Jan 2005

How did you back it up?

How will you get your CD working ("if I have any major problems") to copy it back?

I have my whole C:\drive and op system backed up to another drive. Unforunately it didn't help me on Saturday when everything crashed.

Perhaps other forum mebers will answer these questions

  ole1999 19:08 31 Jan 2005

Hi , i actualy just used back up on RECORD NOW DELUXE to back up my entire system, took about 5 mins for each disc, then i had to go thru it all again inserting all 14 discs again for about 5mins, just curious as to what it exactly backs up!

  mattyc_92 19:13 31 Jan 2005

It should of backed up your whole system (operating system and everything else)....

I used to use Norton Ghost , but I kept on getting error messages from it, so I made the "switch" to Acronis True Image and I haven't had any problems at all and it has saved me about 6 or 7 times so far...

  Modo 19:31 31 Jan 2005

Unless it is bootable all you will probably effectively have is a copy of your hard drive - (several really important operating files will almost certainly not have been permitted through the copy process.)

The good news is that you will have all your documents and e-mails.

Bad news, and most likely scenario, is none of the programs would transfer functionally back to a new hard drive - but you will have somewhere on those cd's all your latest drivers - which is pretty useful and not to be underestimated.

You got a good commendation for Acronis above - as always on this forum. It doesn't always get praise elsewhere.

I can give a less wholehearted recommendation for Max Blaster in that Office XP & 2003 wouldn't reload operationally. But everything else did with a few workarounds.

From experience I give the thumbsdown for a complete restore to

1 Windows BackUp - ashtray on a motorbike
2 Nero - clumsy, awkward and ultimately useless
3 Retrospect in the Maxtor One Touch version - credible but not completely effective

But all of these will save your personal documents - Nero with encryption hell if you don't watch the settings. To be fair to Nero it is an added feature to an otherwise excellent product.

  ole1999 20:23 31 Jan 2005

Thank you for the quick responses

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