backing up without saving windows

  m800afc 18:20 26 Feb 2007

I am trying to install Windoes XP Pro onto my computer. At first it failed, and I was able to restore an Acronis Image I had saved. This image restored my old XP Pro. How can I backup without backing up the old windows XP as well?
I would like to install the new XPPro and then restore my applications, documents and settings onto the C drive with my new XP Pro.

  Diversion 19:01 26 Feb 2007

What you are trying to do is only possible by upgrading your Acronis Image by installing XP Pro as an upgrade; this will leave your settings as they are. Otherwise it will mean re-installing all your software. You can save your documents to CD or DVD then transfer them back to the computer, but you will have to do your personal settings as required.

  m800afc 23:44 26 Feb 2007

Thanks for the comments, Diversion. I must be a bit thick, but why can't I backup everything EXCEPT the OS. I do not have an option to "Repair" From My installation disc. Is there any way of changing the settings so that it does not reformat the whole of C drive? I have been told you cannot rename C drive. Is this true? Would it be possible to create a new partition, install the new os onto the new partition, then rename the old C drive as X drive and then rename the new partition as C drive? I can't be the only person that would appreciate this function. Plus, I will have to do it all again when Vista arrives.
I am beginning to think that windows is the product of a sick mind. ;-p

  Batch 09:11 27 Feb 2007

The OS and the installed programs share a number of common elements (particularly the registry). Program installs not only copy across the programs main files (.EXEs and specific .DLLs), but often also other files that go into shared folders / windows folders plus updating multifarious parts of the Windows Registry. So installing the OS and copying across programs from a previous install just won't work.

You can split your hard disk into multiple drive partitions (which would normally be seen as C: D: E: etc). But this still wouldn't solve your problem as installing the OS on a new C: partition and then trying to run the programs from another partition where they had been installed (as part of another OS install) will not work for the same reasons as above. They have to be installed with the operatiing system that you are using.

As Diversion says, the only other option is to do an Upgrade rather than a clean install.

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