Backing up what and why?

  Winxx 15:18 27 Dec 2006

Sometimes when i log onto my account i get a message come up saying i should back up the system, it sais i need Blank DVD-R's or 7 CD-R's.

Now by backing the system up, how will this help me, if something was to go wrong and the laptop wouldnt start, how could the DVD's help...?

would i just stick the 1st DVD in the drive and it will boot... i dont understand if something was to go wrong, how could i put the backups into action, if thats what the purpose of making the backups are?

  brundle 15:25 27 Dec 2006

It will make a bootable recovery disc (or set of discs) to enable you to restore the machine to its `as-new` settings, the way it was when you switched it on the first time. Make one ASAP.
The laptop should be set to boot from the optical drive in order to boot from the CD or DVD and start the recovery process if needed. Take a look at your manual for information about accessing the BIOS.

  Batch 15:32 27 Dec 2006

Not sure what is giving you this message (Windows XP has a back-up facility, but I understand it isn't the best, plus you need XP-Pro for it to be comprehensive).

Many people use Acronis True Image to back-up their system. By default virtually all systems are supplied configured as a single drive partition (i.e. C:). In such cases, using True Image, you back-up the C: partition which covers the Operatings System, Programs, your own data etc. etc. Problem with this is that it is potentially huge and would require many DVDs (let alone CDs) to hold it all. However, I think the latest Acronis is capable of restoring from DVDs / CDs.

More appropriate is to regularly back up you own data (Documents, emails, address book, favourites, Office templates etc.). Your own data is the most important as only you can recreate it if it is lost, whereas software can be recreated from elsewhere.

A variety of tools exist for doing back-ups, including Acronis True Image. Personally, I just zip the whole lot up and copy to an external device.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:40 27 Dec 2006

This is the way the manufacturer is getting round not supplying CDs

They are telling you to back up the system incase it crashes.

If you phone for help if something goes wrong thier advice will be restore from the back ups you should have made when you first switch on. SO DO IT.

You may never need it, but you will glad of it when you almost certainly do.

  Winxx 17:45 27 Dec 2006

thanks, ive just backed it up.

  mammak 22:06 27 Dec 2006

Good for you, as Fruit Bat /\0/\ says you might not need it but you will be glad that you did if you do need it good luck.

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