Backing up VHS video onto DVD /VCD or CDR

  ukcowboy 13:58 25 Apr 2003

Can anyone suggest the best method (if it is possible) of copying my 4 yo kids VHS videos onto DVD/Vcd etc (Wn XP). I have a pentium 4 2.8 with 120gb hard drive and pioneer 105 dvdr. I thought all i would need is a video capture card of some description and some form of software.Please dont mention the obvious copyright issues i think we are all aware of the rules on piracy this is for a genuine back up to preserve my kids vids.

also can anyone tell me where my recycle bin has gone? anyone got any suggestions as how i can find it?

  y_not 14:17 25 Apr 2003

You need either a capture card or something like Dazzle to connect VCR to PC. click here

The captured format is AVI (LARGE files), encode these with something like TMPGEnc click here (which can take several hours depending on CPU speed, file size etc.)

Burn to SVCD or DVD - for this you'll probably need the burner upgrades to burn to either format.

Capture software comes with the capture card of Dazzle

  stlucia 15:43 25 Apr 2003

Following on from y-not, you convert your captured .avi files into MPEG2 files for DVD. The conversion software will probably have pre-set configurations for DVD, VCD, and SVCD quality.

Then, using your burning software, create a DVD (or VCD, as the case may be) -- don't just copy the files onto the disk because when you create a DVD or VCD the software automatically copies a load of other files which your DVD player will need to play the movies.

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