Backing up upgrades

  ruskle 11:40 28 May 2003

I have a few upgrades on my pC, Windows media player for one and all the Norton Antivirus upgrades, plus a few others. I am not expecting any problems at present but would like to back up the upgrades "just in case" I have to reinstall XP or Norton etc without having to download upgrades again. Help please.

  -pops- 11:46 28 May 2003

This suggests that you aren't backing up your system. I would respectfully suggest that this is not very wise.

If you had your whole system backed up, you wouldn't need to worry about backing up individual upgrades. It would also remove any difficulties connected with data loss in the event of a disaster.


how did you download the media player? if you downloaded from winupdate it could be tricky but if you downloaded from and installed it manually you probably still have the installer package which you can copy to a cd

as to the nav updates you could copy your nav folder to a cd then when you have done a proper installation you could copy the folder into the new folder and overwrite any older files but the virus definitions only take a couple of minutes to download at 31.2Kb so its best to just do the updates afresh.

  Taff36 16:44 28 May 2003

I know what you mean and it is simple. In explorer create yourself a folder called upgrades (I suggest underneath MY DOCUMENTS) Then whenever you download an upgrade or indeed a piece of useful shareware always save it to this folder.

By creating sub-folders (e.g. Acrobat, AntiVirus, MS Office etc) and moving the downloaded files into their own folders you will have saved the download complete. Save the upgrade folder on a monthly basis to a CD ROM or back it up as pops suggested.

If ever you need to re-install your system from scratch you have all the upgrades to hand. It`s also useful if you need to give someone a copy of a program upgrade and save them time too!!

  dth 17:00 28 May 2003

Good way of doing things Taff36.

  ruskle 16:40 29 May 2003

Thanks to all who answered my query, I am sorted now. OK -pops-, yes I do back up my data after every change, and have all the original licensed software for programs. I learn my lesson about 1983 with an old Tandy model 4, no hard drive and boot up in TRSDOS with 5 1/4 floppy, the pup took off with my ONLY boot disc an hour before I wanted to run and print wages for my 12 staff. Lucky I still had quill and parchment in my office. Thanks again

  wee eddie 19:14 29 May 2003

Is that you re-import all the rubbish that has accumulated over the years.

I know that one can spend a considerable amount of time getting XP back to speed from the shipped copy, but at least it is, as it were, clean.

Separate storage of upgrades allows for a much more selective approach. Does it not!

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