Backing stuff up on CD

  gazmix 19:44 04 Nov 2006

Complete novice.
I have a pc with small hard drive size.
When i double click 'my computer' & right click 'c-disk' & click on properties, i get the pie chart of what i assume is the capacity of my c-drive.

It says 7.534.321.664 bytes
7.01 GB

This i assume is quite small, but i don't download music or film, i just use it for emails, the net & some mpegs & college files, the pie chart shows approx half full.

Ok, so i want to back this all up on CD.
What kind of CD do i need for my ROM drive, how large a space should the CD have as i hear there are many & how do i do it!
Help appreciated

  Jackcoms 19:53 04 Nov 2006

What exactly does the "pie chart" say?

It will give you the used space and the free space.

Both figures needed please.

I prefer to use a USB pen drive for back up.

  Stuartli 20:04 04 Nov 2006

You can't do backups using a ROM drive - you require a rewriter.

As a DVD rewriter is only about £5 more than a CD rewriter and can hold up to 8.5GB according to features and type of DVD blank media used against the 700MB of a CD-R or CD-RW disk, there's little really to consider...:-)

  Stuartli 20:05 04 Nov 2006

You can, of course, also burn CD blank media on a DVD rewriter.

  gazmix 20:11 04 Nov 2006

Used- 3.892.391.936
Free- 3.641.929.728

Can't i just shove a blank CD in my drive & back it all up that way??


  Graham. 20:22 04 Nov 2006

If only! As above, do you have a CD reader or CD writer?

  gazmix 20:45 04 Nov 2006

Its just a CD ROM in the front that opens & closes, i dunno!
It's the one i connected to wannadoo with

  Stuartli 21:42 04 Nov 2006

You connected to "wannadoo" with a CD-ROM drive?

  Graham. 22:18 04 Nov 2006

Can we assume you mean you used it to install Wanadoo?

As I see it, your options are:

Buy a DVD writer and some blank recordable discs.

Buy a second hard drive to 'back up' your stored data.

What I think you want to do is not known as 'backing up', but 'saving', in another place.

  terryf 22:26 04 Nov 2006

What operating system are you using because I suspect with such a small HD it is not an up to date one in which case one of the ways to save or back-up would be an external hard drive but most of these use USB.

  gazmix 21:31 05 Nov 2006

Ok, i want to save my stuff, maybe i got it wrong, i just heard i can save my stuff, i don't want no reader or writer.
I installed wanadoo with a disk in the front!
Ok, i use Windows Xp Pro
now what disk(s) should i get to save my stuff & how do i do it!


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