Backing up before partitioning

  Willow12 14:39 02 Jun 2003

Right, I am about to partition my Hard Drive using Partition Magic 8, but before doing so I need to back everthing up. At the moment I have a single partition C: which I intend partitioning into about 5 parts. The problem I have is that if I were to use Norton Ghost or Drive Image to back everything up, I would have to put it all onto CD-R or CD-R/W which would be a bucket-load of discs. From what I have read about partitioning I would be unable to create a back-up to keep on my hard drive until I had partitioned as I cannot have the image's source and destination in the same partition.

1. Is this correct or am I missing something?

2. What exactly do I have to back-up? I assume that I wouldn't need to back up Windows as I can always use the Windows disc for this - is this correct? Does that just leave me with having to back-up all of my programs and files? Even this I imagine is going to take a ton of discs?

I am obviously looking for a quick and easy way to back-up, as the disc method seams cumbersome, time consuming and costly.

I am using Windows XP and have an 80gb hard drive to back-up and then partition. I'll put another question regarding the partitioning on a separate post!

Oh yes, and my knowledge rating is 2/10!

  leo49 17:19 02 Jun 2003

You're only backing up on the merest hint of an offchance that a mishap will occur[like a power failure] during the partitioning process.I've been using PM for 3 years,never bothered and not lost anything yet.

Having said that, it's only sensible to copy to CDR any data that would be difficult to replace.


  Simsy 17:24 02 Jun 2003

is "Yes, you are correct." Though there is the proviso that Drive Image, (and I presume "Ghost" as well), can image directly to CD. If you use high compression the ratio is approx 1Gig data per CD. If you were to do this then you would not need to partition first... you could backup then partition.

2 Backup what you can't replace from Disc, or more specificaly, whatever you can't afford to loose! Only you can decide what that applies to. Now is perhaps a good time to be rid of all the clutter so go through all your data files and decide what can be "biffed" and you'll find that there is a lot less that you'll need to back up.

I hope this helps,



  Willow12 17:34 02 Jun 2003

Thanks, the information you supplied is very useful.

One more question I (at present) haven't got any floppy disks to create the 'Rescue Diskettes' needed for Partition Magic 8. How important are these rescue disks i.e. can I do without them or should I be rushing down to PC World to buy some?

  leo49 17:49 02 Jun 2003

I've always made them when installing the latest version of PM but I've never had to use them in anger.What the process does is to copy necessary boot files and the PM program to the floppies so as to be able to boot up should something go awry.

I guess it's the old Clint Eastwood question from Magnum Force," Do you feel lucky?"


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