Backing up Outlook Express 6.0 by draging?

  1936 19:06 01 Mar 2009

I have an WD 1T external hard drive and the backing up function for Outlook Expree E-Mails does not appear to work very well.
I have just dragged my E-Mail Outlook Express onto the WD 1T External Hardrive and it seems to have worked. However, it all seemed to easy because when I opened the WD iT external hard drive to check that it was there and clicked onto the Outlook Express 6.0 E-Mail icon it opened just like the icon on my desktop which made me wonder if it just disappears when I'm not connected to the Internet.
So I have to ask. "Is this a proper copy?"

  1936 19:31 01 Mar 2009

To add further confusion I just keyed in "How to backup Outlook Express" on the Web and followed the Microsft instructions. Half way through I checked the page of E-Mail icons and they opened up in goblygook not proper text.

  brundle 19:32 01 Mar 2009

Sounds as if you merely moved/copied the Outlook Express shortcut icon.

Outlook Express backup tools (free);

OEBackup; click here
Genie OEBackup - can be a bit prone to crashing if you try to include anything other than OE for backup - it supports IE Favorites and other files your choose - just stick to the basics; the backups themselves are reliable.

Mailstore; click here

  brundle 19:33 01 Mar 2009

Oops, forgot the link to the second program; click here

  1936 12:16 02 Mar 2009

The Web Page that I downloaded the Outlook Express Backup software said that one is able to open E-Mails that had been backed up but I can not work out how this is done.

When I look in the external hard drive I see a large folder marked as: Outlook Express Backup V6.5

I then see a number of icons none of which show me any E-Mails when I open them:


A number of icons marked with a green and a yellow cog wheel follows:

There is an icon marked:
Genie-soft Home Page

I know that I am not that computer literate but I cannot work out how to open the E-Mails that I have backed up.

  brundle 13:00 02 Mar 2009

You're looking in the folder containing the program itself. You have to run the program for it to perform the backup to a location of your choice, just installing it isn't enough.


click here

  1936 14:32 02 Mar 2009

I apologise for being so obtuse but I can not see how one is supposed to find E-Mails that have been backedup.

In my external hard drive I now see the following Folders:
A yellow folder with the title, “Outlook Express Backup V6.5 which shows the folders I described earlier.

A folder with a sign based on the Outlook Express motif saying, “New Backup Job(1") This shows a box headed, “Outlook Express Backup and, “Selecting a file to restore” but I don’t want to restore anything I just want to look at what has gone into the backup.

A yellow folder with the title, “Temp”

I’ve opened each of these folders and can not see any E-Mails.

  1936 14:49 02 Mar 2009

It's all right, I've cracked it. Just goes to show, flap first then read what is on the screen and then let your fingers do the walking and eventually one finds one's way.
So, many thanks for your help.

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