Backing up my pc to usb stick, formatting etc!!

  gazmix 04:14 09 Apr 2009

I have a compaq evo small form pc that only has 33gb hard drive of which i'm only using around 5 GB of stuff, including all my antivirus etc!!
Is there a link somewhere in my start menu to backup all my pc to somewhere!!!
I'm worried incase my pc fails! as its getting on in years!
I use ERUNT which is a backup of the registry in case i do somet stupid, but was wondering about backing all i have up to usb stick.

Can i put my Windows XP onto a USB stick, maybe a daft question i dunno!(am a novice) so i could put it onto a new formated pc & how do i format as i have 2 in the atic that are realy old & need it before i dispose of them!!



  rawprawn 08:30 09 Apr 2009

You need something Like Acronis click here
or perhaps Paragaon Backup Freeware click here
However yoou cannot backup Windows to a USB pen drive there is not enough room. You need an external Hard Drive

  howard64 08:52 09 Apr 2009

if all you want to back up is your data probably a lot smaller than 5gb you could just copy your 'my documents' to the usb stick. A large external usb hard drive is very useful as well.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:17 09 Apr 2009

Yes you can use a stick to back up and if you only have 5G then an *g stick will do.

However USB pen drives are not that reliable and if you only have 5gig then your actual data will be a lot less you could burn to a DVD easily.

  gazmix 20:24 10 Apr 2009

Ok, i know i can backup to usb all my documents but would i need to save all the programme setups (.exe) files to a stick or another way!

How big is Windows Xp & how would i go about copying it to an external HD & then back onto a formatted pc?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 10 Apr 2009

You need Acronis, see the link from rawprawn above.

  lotvic 21:04 10 Apr 2009

In a different thread 'natdoor' posted a good link for video tutorials on how to use Acronis
here is the link click here

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