Backing Up my desktop

  Furkin 14:13 10 May 2012

Hi guys,

Asus M4A78LT + Phenom IIx2 + 4gb ram + W-7.ult


My desktop has a 1Tb C: drive (for general use) & a 1Tb D: drive (for back up [BU]).

The C: has 788Gb of 931 left. The D: only has 104 of 882 Gb left.

It is pretty obvious I have no idea what I'm doing with this set up. I don't have a problem, but want to make sure I am backing up the right stuff & also leaving enough room on D: to take the next BU.

I have just run 2 scans of C: and am convinced that all is well ?!. I was about to delete all on D: & put a full copy of C: onto it - but thought I'd better ask here first.

I'd never done proper BU's before I rebuilt the machine, but added the D: purposely to do so.

Am I considering doing an acceptable thing ?

If not, how do I keep D: up-to-date and not too full ?

Cheers all

  KRONOS the First 14:39 10 May 2012

Don't know if my way of backing up will help you. I have a 128 SSD on which my operating system and programs go I also have an internal 1TB drive where everything else goes,games including Steam folder which at the moment has nearly 200GB of games, my music and pictures, videos and films and of course documents.

I then have a NAS drive 1Tb on which I back up much of whats in My Documents all my music and pictures and video/films. My personal documents are also backed up to DropBox.

I used to clone my main drive the C drive but to be honest see little point in doing so as each time you clone you are also copying the rubbish,I find it simpler to reinstall Windows when necessary.

  john bunyan 16:19 10 May 2012

Back up suggestions. 1. I would partition main drive into about 100 gigs for system and programmes, balance for Data. I make a Master folder on the Data partition called “ My Documents” Under that I have all the other folders, such as “ My Music”, “My Pictures” etc, and even “My Outlook” (i.e. my e Mails. 2. For the Data I use Freefilesynch (free) daily to make a mirror image of the Data partition to my second drive. My second SATA drive is mounted in the tower in a removable caddy. I also have a third HD in another caddy, same size as main drive which I keep elsewhere. I also have a USB HD. 3. You cannot simply copy OS and programme files. You can either use the W7 back up – I will not go into that as I do not use it as it seems too long and complicated. A special programme has to be used, of which a popular one is Acronis True Image. 4. There are two ways to use it (some use the continuous method but I do not know how!). a) An Image – either an incremental or a full image. I have found it better to do a full image. An Image can be of just a partition. In my case the C: Partition of 100gig, of which about 60 gigs is in use. I make an image to my USB drive about weekly, after running antivirus and anti malware scans and a defrag. These have to be “verified” using ATI, I keep the last two and delete the oldest when I make the third. 5. About once a month, after the scans, I use my removable caddy based drive that I keep elsewhere to make a clone of the whole of the main drive. A clone is an exact copy of the whole drive with all partitions, usually used if the main drive is on its last legs. Should it be needed you can use the Acronis CD to boot the PC and tell it to use the image or clone to replace the partition or drive you want to restore.

  john bunyan 16:24 10 May 2012

The problem with reinstalling for me is the hundreds of updates, plus my many other programmes such as Photoshop CS5 etc etc. If I had a SSD with only W7 on it , with other programme files on a (third) partition it may be different.

  robin_x 18:33 10 May 2012

Assuming you do indeed have two drives and not two partitions on a 2TB drive, then everything should be kept on the first drive and backed up to the second drive.

You can store replaceable stuff on the 2nd drive and not worry about backing it up.

eg downloads or anything that is backed up elsewhere (eg CD/DVDs, Cloud or another computer)

Deleting everything on 2nd drive is one way to have a sort out but you could just change the drive letter for a few days or so.

Any program looking for files on D: that you have forgotten about will pop up an error and you can go and relocate or re-install as necessary.

When sure, only then delete.

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