Backing Up My Computer For The First Time.

  AlanRLong50 20:13 05 Oct 2005

Hello there.I have Windows XP Home SP2 and want to back-up a complete Windows Media 10 player file. It consists of 32,000 tracks lasting 1700 hours and has used 129Gb of space at 192Kbps. I would like to know the following;1.What equipment do I need to ensure a faithful loss-less back-up? 2.Is there a specific product I should buy? 3.How much would this cost? 4.How long would it take to back up the whole file from new? This will be my first attempt at doing this since I had my computer from new in April. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

  De Marcus™ 20:17 05 Oct 2005

1. A large external hard drive

2. I prefer maxtor and freecom products.

3. Approx £100-£200 depending on size of hard drive

4. It may take quite a while to back up that much data, I've never transferred that much all at once.

  Skills 20:26 05 Oct 2005

Yes with the ammount of data putting it onto disks really isn't an option so an external hard drive will be your best choice.

Heres ebuyers offerings click here you can get a 300gig one for about £150

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 21:07 05 Oct 2005

Sheesh, 32,000 tracks? I'll not ask about the legitimacy of them all.

  AlanRLong50 21:32 05 Oct 2005

Dear WhenHeavenTouchesEarth,I can assure you 99% are shop-bought over the last 15 years from mainly HMV/Tower/Virgin in-store and now internet ordering. I order from stores around the UK and USA and even Australia and Japan.My aim is to own 100% of the UK chart records from 1952 to 1980.I need around 60 tracks to complete the task!I don't download from the internet either! Its all legitimate!

  De Marcus™ 21:33 05 Oct 2005

That's quite an achievement (if not an expensive one!), how was the suggestion above?

  AlanRLong50 21:36 05 Oct 2005

Thank you very much for your valuable help and assistance. I'll keep your input to hand and wander off to a store and buy one when I'm able to get out.I am much obliged for your help.Thank you again.

  Skills 21:42 05 Oct 2005

I am impressed thats some music collection good luck with the purchase and happy listening.

  AlanRLong50 21:52 05 Oct 2005

Its been a lifetime dream of mine at 51 to own the complete charts for those years. Every last track is on the computer. Its cost an absolute fortune over the years but its a nearly-finished achievement and project. It took months to download and its been worth every minute. Yes, thank you,it sounds good advice to this still-a-novice user!Its much appreciated!

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