Backing up messages in windows live hotmail

  windrushdave 22:26 14 Sep 2008

Hi, can anyone tell me how to locate, back up and re-import messages into windows live hotmail. I am reformating the computer and I don't want to lose anything. Thanks. Using Windows XP sp3.

  jolorna 22:39 14 Sep 2008

you don't need to back them up as they are on the hotmail server not your computer, you can read your hotmail emails using any computer

  brundle 22:47 14 Sep 2008

As above, except if you mean Windows Live Mail; click here

  tullie 23:17 14 Sep 2008

Its the same client isent it?Just renamed.

  windrushdave 23:18 14 Sep 2008

Yeah, of course, windows live mail, I'll try the solution, thanks guys

  Sea Urchin 00:05 15 Sep 2008

You might be interested in the "easiest way ever to back up messages in Windows Live Mail" (and OE)

click here

  brundle 13:43 15 Sep 2008

Even Thunderbird won't do that, very handy indeed

  Technotiger 14:35 15 Sep 2008

"easiest way ever to back up messages in Windows Live Mail"

This will work very similarly with Incredimail ...
but only taking each mail individually, because first one must open the email to be backed up, then under File click on Save as (the mail will be saved-as with the Subject heading) then simply navigate to the created folder on Desktop. Very easy then to burn the folder (with contents) to CD.

  Technotiger 14:37 15 Sep 2008

HI, I have never used Thunderbird, but maybe the 'Incredimail' way, will work in Thunderbird.

  windrushdave 20:07 17 Sep 2008

Thanks everyone, and thanks Sea Urchin, unbelievably easy to do, would never had guessed that, cheers, mate.

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