Backing up important photo's/files.

  Baskerville 22:07 26 Oct 2008

Hi All,

I have 95GB of photos/files to back up and would like to get it done in the easiest way possible.
I have Nero 7 to back up with, can anyone help as to what I should do? Is it best to go with DVDRW or what? All the files are on a removeable exterior hard drive, can the good folk on here recommend the safest way in order to get the job done?



  eedcam 22:17 26 Oct 2008

From a volume point of view good quality DVD say Verbatim would be ok not RW.Though another exterior drive is possibly as good

  skidzy 22:21 26 Oct 2008

As said by eedcam...though i would go for the dvd route and again as said .Verbatim dvd-r.

Your going to need a stack of Dvd's :-)

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