Backing up 'IE Favourites'

  wee eddie 11:54 02 Mar 2010

I know how to 'Export/Import' and this is not my problem.

I have a neat bit of software that Backs-up a group of 'specified' files, twice a day. click here

I would like to add my IE Favourites to that list of files/folders to be Backed-up.

The Question ~ Where/How is the 'IE Favourites' Folder stored, so that I can pin-point it for Mozy and add it to the list.

  MAJ 12:03 02 Mar 2010

Operating System?

  MAJ 12:10 02 Mar 2010

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Favorites

Vista: C:\users\Username\Favorites

Win 7: Same as Vista.

  wee eddie 12:46 02 Mar 2010

but spelled Favourites wrong.

Thanks MAJ

  MAJ 13:30 02 Mar 2010

You spelt it correctly, wee eddie, Windows uses the American spelling.

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