Backing up a hard drive

  SB23 14:28 05 Aug 2006

I know this has been covered before, but I'm a little fuzzy on the whole concept of having a complete copy of my Hd.
It sounds easy, but what exactly do I need to do this?
I do have a bootdisc program, but thats as far as I have gone. I understand that the bootdisc would enable me to restart my pc in the event of a problem, but what is the difference really, and what happens after you've used the bootdisc?

Another thing is the backup programs that I have tried to use before, I've never really got on with, for one reason or another.

I would be grateful for advice on this please.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 05 Aug 2006

Have a read click here

Acronis true Image is one of the best abck up software packages.

  rawprawn 14:40 05 Aug 2006

click here In my opinion this is about the best backup program there is. It will do all you want and more with ease and safety. It has saved my bacon more than once. Make sure you use the Acronis Secure Zone, that way if you hit F11 on boot your computer goes back to where you last backed it up no problem.

  Batch 14:46 05 Aug 2006

A physical hard drive will be divided into one or more partitions that appear as individual drives (each drive represented by a letter, e.g. C:, D: etc.)

Typically, a system as supplied will have a single partition (usually C:) on which everything (Operating System, Programs, user data etc.) is stored.

If one assumes that you have a single partion with everything on it, a true backup will create a copy of everything on that partition. The preferred way of achieving such a backup is to use something like Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost.

I use True Image. To securely back-up you will need another physical disk (maybe an external USB drive) to which True Image will copy an image. The capaity of the 2nd disk needs to be able to contain the full used capacity of the partition being backed up (although True Image does provide teh ability to compress). Ideally you need the capacity to hold 2 or more backups as, at the very minimum, you don't want to have to delete a backup before creating the next one.

Once backed up, for safety, the external drive should be disconnected until needed (for restore or next back-up).

  SB23 15:05 05 Aug 2006

Externally would be the way forward, pc has only one connection to the drive (IDE), and very little space.
Usb drive is mentioned, are they easy to set up, and I assume it would be just a case of replacing faulty drive with backed up drive. That I can do, lol.
Drives are quite cheap nowadays, but what about the neccessary leads etc?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:16 05 Aug 2006

What kind of drive do you want?


enclosures can be bought for both.

You can buy enclosure and drives seperately click here (cheaper) or buy a complete external drive.

  SB23 15:32 05 Aug 2006

Does it matter?
My current drive is a IDE. In the event of another drive going, do I swap them over, or in the case of an external do I just leave it as external? Sorry for all the silly questions, but I really don't know what I need, but I've decided to be prepared for the hard drive going, just like I wasn't before Xmas last year, because you never know, do you?

What are the items I would need to go external?

  SB23 17:44 05 Aug 2006

I've been looking at external drives this afternoon, and they are cheaper than I first thought.
Am I correct in saying that if I have one hooked up correctly, and I've saved a copy of my hard drive to it, along with other files, that if my internal drive went, then I would be able to use the external drive to get the pc started again, and it would run from it ok?

  rawprawn 18:11 05 Aug 2006

The answer is yes, but that would be only one option you would have using Acronis.

  SB23 18:15 05 Aug 2006

What are the other options that I would have?

  rawprawn 18:37 05 Aug 2006

You could use Acronis Secure Zone as I mentioned earlier, or a secondary HD (slave) or even a set of DVD's

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