Backing up games

  misters 18:23 12 Jan 2004

I know i may be bombarded with all the copyright stuff, but i was wanting to ask is there a way i can make copies of my pc games for the reason i'm fed up lending games out and getting them back damaged.
So i would prefer to give out a copy and keeping the original in tact, i know i may be breaking a few laws here but i am honest as i agree with downloading music and selling of for a profit is wrong.

One more thing is my nephew purchased the pc game fifa 2004 and then typed the code on the back of the disc and got a message displaying invalid code now the game wont even autorun on his pc, any suggestions.

I use nero 5, i run win/98 my nephew runs win/xp.
Thanx in advance.

  GibsonSt19 18:29 12 Jan 2004

You need to uninstal them from your own computer first. I don't think you'll find anyone here willing to provide advice which may cause you to be operating illegally.

Perhaps you shouldn't lend them to the friends who trash them.

Just my thoughts.

About Fifa, is this a fully legit version?

  misters 21:54 12 Jan 2004

fifa is a fully ligit game and i know that lending games out is causing the problems but i do sometimes get the odd one myself a loan off.
The reason we trade games this way is simple we like to try before we buy.

  chris05 22:06 12 Jan 2004

You could try clony and clony xxl or try alcohol 120% make an image of the disk and then burn it using the latter program, have a look at click here if you get problems and need a backup cd crack.

I too share games and know your problem, I should how ever mention that the game you crack may have problems going online in multiplayer modes or playing over some form of networks.

  duckers 22:14 12 Jan 2004

Well it used to be straight forward backing up PC games, even those with CD copy protections but recent advances in copy protection technology (safedisk 2.9.* and 3) have made it all but impossible to make direct 1-to-1 backups of games. The only way is to patch game images/use no cd cracks, etc.
Then theres the problem of keycodes for internet play, if you install a game on your PC that requires a key code for internet play, then install the sam egame and keycode on a friends PC chances are your keycode is gonna get blocked for piracy if your playing online at the same time.
This posting is probably gonna get flamed and I apologise to the FE for the information above, I know I shouldnt write this stuff here, but I just thought it was worth me telling others theyre wasting their time on modern games.
Ive just posted a similar thing about DVD's, it is worrying though that the cost of CD and DVD writers is so little that everyone has one, and the record/movie/game industries only response is to copy protect stuff to such an extent that is can sometimes go as far as spoiling our enjoyment of the product, whats I find more apaling is that if a disc is damaged wehave to pay for it again!.
the way I see it is that the hardcore will always find a way to copy stuff anyway, I have a music CD that wont play in the PC but I wanted to get it onto my MP3 player, 1 hour of digital recording from hi-fi to PC later and the task was complete, I paid for it so Ill damn well enjoy it as I see fit.

OOoops,, I seem to have gone off on one there! oh well thats what I think anyway, anyone else want to comment?

  woodchip 22:33 12 Jan 2004

Your best bet is say "NO"

  misters 21:15 13 Jan 2004

Cheers guys i do to an extend aggre with duckers
but also understand other peoples gripe about this, so i take it backing up games for personal use not to play over the net is a no-no?

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