Backing up files using Wind XP Pro

  23790954 22:01 02 Jun 2005

As I intend to replace my present motherboard, I attempted to make a copy of my system using Windows XP Pro Back up function. I have recently fitted a new Benq 52x32x52 CD writer, which I have used on many occasions without fault, and this is my drive'E', my cd rom being my drive 'D'. Whenever I try to make a backup copy of my system, using the Wind XP Pro function, and I click on next, to start the recording, I get the message "The back up file name could not be used - E:\Backup.Bkf
"Please ensure it is valid and that you have sufficient access"
Although I have actually changed the file name I still get the same message.
Would someone kindly help me to resolve this problem. Many thanks from an O.A.P.

  VoG II 22:05 02 Jun 2005

For some reason best known to Microsoft, Windows Backup will not backup to CD.

You have to backup to a folder on your hard drive, then burn that to CDs. The alternatives are zip disks, a tape drive, or even floppies (if you have lots of them and infinite patience).

  Indigo 1 22:06 02 Jun 2005

Instead of giving it a name, just give it a number and leave out the full stop.

  DieSse 22:07 02 Jun 2005

Another alternative, and a great investment for the future, is to get Acronis True Image. click here

  mattyc_92 22:08 02 Jun 2005

This is because WinXP's Backup isn't really designed to backup to external media.. It is mainly used for backing up "personal files" aka My Documents

You will need a "third party" program for this...

Try using "Acronis True Image" from click here... This is the program I use, and just 10 minutes of posting this message, I had to restore my sys, it took about 1 hour, but my system is running perfectly again (and it is faster than formatting and re-installing everything.... lol)

I used to use "Norton Ghost" from click here but I found that I used to get many errors when trying to restore (and sometimes backup) the sytem...

  mattyc_92 18:47 03 Jun 2005

Just recieved the following from 23790954 by e-mail

Hi! mattyc_92, Many thanks for your information on back-up copies. I actually bought a copy of Drive Image 7 last year, but again it will not record to removable media. I downloaded the trial copy of Acronis True Image and have just copied my complete hard-drive. 10 c.d's in all. The main reason for my 'e' mail, and I apologise for troubling you, is, do I need to use Acronis True Image to replace the data on my computer when required, and is it easy to do. As a pensioner, I only started building and repairing computers for my children and Grand-children, a couple of years ago, and although repairing and building them is no difficulty, I do find the data side harder to learn. Sorry for troubling you, 23790954


And I have replied:

Hi, what do you mean by "do I need to use Acronis True Image to replace the data on my computer when required"????


Just thought I should give an update to what is happening.... lol

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