Backing up files

  cadena 19:32 28 Mar 2008

How do I backup my files from my computer as I nearly lost some files a few months ago when my computer crashed but I had to reinstall Windows and retrieve the files and I would hate to lose anything...I do not have a clue to how to do this at all....

  STREETWORK 19:33 28 Mar 2008

If you have a CD or DVD burner then you can copy files onto it.

What operating system are you using xp or vista?

  Diemmess 19:54 28 Mar 2008

Merely backing up data of every sort (not system and installed applications)can be done very simply with a freebie EZBackitup.

This allows you a windows explorer type of selection, takes only a few minutes to set up and then runs every time with only a click of the mouse.

Where the backup is stored is up to you, burned disk or preferably an external HD.

If you want to backup whole drives including the system drive, Acronis is all you could possibly need, not free, but not pricey as software goes. In the event of the system going sour, you can restore one of your older Acronis files in a very few minutes.

  cadena 20:12 28 Mar 2008

I am using XPSP2 , I do have a DVD slot..

  STREETWORK 20:46 28 Mar 2008

Using XP built in feature, select the files you want to back up, right click on the selection, send to, 'select the drive' (usually 'd').

you will see a bubble promt appear near the bottom right, click it and select to copy files, make sue you have put a DVD writable disk in first...

  Strawballs 23:01 29 Mar 2008

If you are using XP Pro then the backup ultility will be in system tools with the likes of defrag etc and if you are using XP Home then you will have to install it from the XP disc

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