backing up external drive

  joe95 10:50 09 Jul 2006

At the moment I clone my hard drive us Acronis, what I want do is erase all my music files and photos from my 'C' drive and free up some space, if I then want to backup a file or files I have been working on what do I do instead of cloning, drag and drop.

  joe95 14:38 09 Jul 2006


  mgmcc 14:58 09 Jul 2006

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I suspect the lack of response might be because, to me at any rate, the question is incomprehensible. I really don't follow what you are trying to do.

  joe95 15:13 09 Jul 2006

sorry about that. Iwant to free up some space on my 'C'drive ie remove my music and photos, at present I clone my 'C'drive but if I erase my music and photos then I will no longer be able to clone if I do I will lose them is that right?
Can I then still use the external drive to back up to without cloning?

  ade.h 15:19 09 Jul 2006

Where will you be keeping your media files? Only on the external HDD?

  joe95 15:24 09 Jul 2006

yes that's right.

  mgmcc 15:25 09 Jul 2006

"Cloning" is normally used to make an identical copy of a hard drive so that you can replace it if (a) you want a larger drive or (b) the drive is showing signs of failure.

Backing up is normally done by using Acronis to create an "Image" file of your hard drive, which you can then restore to your hard drive in the case of any problems. If you do this to your external hard drive, the "Image" file will only use as much space as it requires and the rest of the drives capacity will be available to do what you want. You can then create folders in it to accommodate your pictures and music.

  joe95 15:31 09 Jul 2006

I use Acronis but thought that each time you cloned it completely wiped itself clean before cloning from your hard drive.

  mgmcc 19:44 09 Jul 2006

Which Acronis program are you using? "Acronis True Image" has options to Backup a drive, which creates an "Image" file of the drive, or to Clone a drive which will create an exact copy and will use all of the space in the target drive, wiping any existing data.

If you want backups of your main "C" drive, you should be creating "Image" files of it, not cloning it. You can then have more than one backup and still use space in the external drive for other purposes.

  joe95 23:17 09 Jul 2006

Iam using Acronis True image have just had a look at the options in it there is one for true image do I use this? when I installed Acronis I was advised to clone.
Thanks for your patience

  mgmcc 09:07 10 Jul 2006

In this screenshot click here the first option in the right "Pick a Task" section is Backup. That is the option that creates an Image and the one that you should use.

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