Backing up every day?

  gel 07:31 22 Nov 2010

I saw a comment by moonly under a heading regarding MSE and I wondered how he backs up every day and what system he uses
I am using Windows 7 Premium

  rawprawn 08:00 22 Nov 2010

Can't answer for mooly, but I backup everyday and I use Acronis. (It has a non stop backup facility)

  mooly 08:11 22 Nov 2010

Hi gel,

I use Acronis True Image on my 4 year old laptop with Vista. It's dead easy, I run it manually from within windows (you can use a bootable CD you can make with it too, in case Windows were so corrupt you couldn't boot to the OS).

I set up an incremental backup each week, so the first image that that makes is "full" and is a complete snapshot of the HDD. These are put on the D partiton of the laptop... you could use a separate HDD if you wish and that is better still as the backups are then separate from the PC).
So the program makes a backup, the next day (if you wish) you run it again and only the changes that have occured since the last backup are now put in a new file. So every time the prog is run a new file is added. If you need to restore you just run Acronis and pick any file (date) you wish to go back too. Seven backups in one "tree" is enough, and so the next week I set a new sequence off.
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Incremantal backups sometimes get a bad press with folk saying they don't work etc. That has not been my experience, maybe because the files are all in one place and left untouched. I suspect many such problems are caused by files being placed on removable drives and them getting altered/moved/corrupted etc. Just a theory as Acronis has never ever failed me.

Also you can actually "browse" these backup files and open them and search for documents/pictures etc that you may have accidently deleted off the main drive which is useful.

As an addition to this backup strategy I also store all personal stuff (documents/pictures etc) on a flash drive so that if the PC packed up I still have all the personal stuff intact as well.

  birdface 08:16 22 Nov 2010

He uses Acronis to back up every day that way he gets away with just using MSE without using any other security programs.
Seems to work Ok for him.

  stlucia 08:20 22 Nov 2010

My backup plan is like mooly's, also using Acronis True Image, except that my backups go to an external hard disk which I store away from my PC when we go away.

Now that I've recently got a wireless router, I'm mulling over the idea of getting a WiFi USB hub and installing it in a different room in the house, and using it to connect my external backup disk (and a couple of other external disks I have) to the PC so that there's less risk of the backup being stolen at the same time as the PC.

  birdface 08:22 22 Nov 2010

Good morning Mooly I should have checked before I posted.

  gengiscant 08:32 22 Nov 2010

I use Goodsync to copy ant changes to My Documents/pictures/music to a NAS drive, as I make any, which works for me. I too have Acronis but each edition seems more bloated than the last with parts I neither need or want,I tend not to use it now and certainly will not be upgrading as there are many other leaner software out there which will do the job equally well.

Have a look here for very good reviews etc on all types of useful and not so useful free here

  gel 09:50 22 Nov 2010

What an incredible helpful quick response

Could some one give me a comment (good or bad) regarding the Windows 7 back up facility


  northumbria61 11:08 22 Nov 2010

I use a program called CASPER which does what I want - FULL backups (I am not really interested in Incremental Backups) Used for many years now without a problem.

I have a relative who works for a local computer firm who has told me in the past that he has NEVER known a Windows backup facility FAIL - so the choice is yours ie FREE or BUY.

  gel 11:32 22 Nov 2010

Thank you all very much for your comments
I should have sufficient to go on
Sorry mooly I misquoted your name
I should not have done since I have been following your contributions for a long time particularly your interest in MSE

  mooly 12:01 22 Nov 2010

Good morning (just)... I'm sure that ultimately no security software can be 100% guaranteed to stop or detect all problems. I like MSE not just because it does work well but also because it integrates perfectly with Windows... and being an MS offering it should do. I experienced first hand, problems and issues with a paid for package that actually broke Windows core features, and have read in these pages of various issues with other free and paid for packages causing problems from time to time.

Gel... W7 backup only backs up your personnel "user" data and files. If there is a problem with the OS it's no help at all.
System restore, another Windows core feature is a half way house and attempts to restore a problem PC by restoring key files such as the registry etc. Again it's not a full image backup which Acronis is. In fact I have system restore turned off as it's hungry on space and I would never trust it to fully undo changes in the way Acronis does.
The restored image with Acronis is absolutely the same as it was the instant you clicked to make that image. It doesn't matter what problem/virus/something you have done/installed etc etc, the image takes you right back and rebuilds the HDD exactly as it was before.

And again on MSE... it passes my test, which is occasionally to run other security software for fun just to see if anything ever did creep past and so far it hasn't. And again this is where Acronis comes in... after trying stuff out (any software, downloads etc you want) you just go back to the image made before as if nothing happened.

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