Backing up email folders

  Damarc 10:54 24 Jul 2008

When I got this pc I put my email folders in a sensible place on my C drive under Sues emails. It comes up as that under 'properties' under each folder and also appears in 'Explore'.

I normally back documents up on my 2 gb pendrive but forgot to do the email folder this time and now I can't seem to copy/paste my email folder nor make a new folder on the pendrive. It says "cannot create or replace Sues emails. The directory or file cannot be created." I can open/close/delete/amend files on it so presume it hasn't suddenly changed to read only. It's a Mightydrive pendrive and I haven't had a problem before. The folder size is 400ish mb and the amount of space remaining on my pendrive is 800mb. Can anyone help please.

  MAT ALAN 11:00 24 Jul 2008

Error Message:

The directory or file cannot be created.


One of the following errors occurred: (1) the file or directory name already exists; (2) the directory path cannot be found; (3) the root directory is full or there is not enough space on the disk for the new file or directory; (4) the directory name contains unacceptable characters or is a reserved file name; or (5) the disk is not properly formatted.

User Action:

Verify the path. If there is not enough disk space, delete some files and try again. Verify that the file name you are using is compliant with the type of file system your are using.

  Damarc 11:12 24 Jul 2008

File name doesn't exist on pendrive but I have checked the properties under my C drive and it is read only. I've unchecked that box and applied but it reverts to read only when I reopen it to check. I don't know what you mean by directory path - sorry. There is enough space on the pendrive. Would the directory name have to have up to a fixed number of characters and no spaces? As in the old microsoft way? It is purely named as Sues emails - no dots, apostrophes or anything like that. Other files on the pendrive work fine so can't see that is a problem.

  Switcher 13:04 24 Jul 2008

Create a new folder on the C drive such as suetest. Try copying sues emails to that folder if that copies over ok then the problem is not with your original folder. That at least narrows the problem down to pen drive. If that is OK try creating a new folder on the pendrive and copy sues emails folder to that.

  Damarc 10:16 25 Jul 2008

I ended up deleting everything on pendrive and creating new folders that had different names to those I wanted to copy from my C drive. Thanks guys

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