Backing up email

  Megatyte 15:26 24 Mar 2003

This seems to be asked all the time

Shut down Outlook Express

Right click on your desktop and select [New], [Folder].Call it Mail Backup.

Click [Start]Select [Find] or [Search] (depending on your operating system)

Select [Files or Folders]In the box [Search for files named:] type *.dbx

Click [Search now]

The file-folders used by Outlook Express are called: inbox.dbx outbox.dbx sent*items.dbx deleted*items.dbx drafts.dbx. It will also list any custom folders you may have created.

Once Windows has found the file(s), highlight any you want to back-up. (To select more than one file, hold the [Ctrl] key and click on each file in turn). Right click on the files and select [Copy]. Close the search window.
Browse to the desktop.Double click the folder [Mail Backup]Right click inside the folder and select [Paste].
The email file-folders are now backed-up to the desktop folder [Mail Backup].

Restoring email(If you saved your file-folders to a floppy disk, insert it before proceeding).

Open [Outlook Express]. Click [Tools], [Options]Click the [Maintenance] tab. Click [Store Folder].
Highlight the “path” contained in the box by left clicking and holding the mouse button down at the beginning, and dragging to the end of the box. Release the left mouse button. Right click on the text and choose [copy]. Click [Cancel]Click [OK].

Exit Outlook Express.

Click [Start] then click [Run].
Right click inside the [Open] box and choose paste. Click [OK]. A folder will open containing all the Outlook express files.

Open [My Computer]. Open the Mail Backup folder you created on your desktop (or [3½ Floppy (A:)] if you saved the file-folders to floppy). Highlight the “.dbx” files you want to restore. Left click, holding the mouse button down drag the selections into the window you opened by following the instructions above. The files will be copied into the folder. (A pop-up window may ask if you want to overwrite the existing files. If it does, click [Yes]). Repeat until all files are restored.


  lionheart766 15:58 24 Mar 2003

Alternatively go here : click here
and download the fully functioning demo that does the backup to a zip file in about 2 secs. :)

  Pesala 16:03 24 Mar 2003

1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Opera\ and select the Mail subdirectory

2. Right-click and choose compress to zip + options.

3. Select "Include full directory information" and press OK

4. Right-click on resulting and send to floppy disk or CD-RW.

  Selectron 23:36 24 Mar 2003


  ajm 23:41 24 Mar 2003

check this out

click here

click here

  Megatyte 23:50 24 Mar 2003

Ah...But you have to pay for it!!. I should imagine that the restore doesn't work after the trial period(I may be(likely am)wrong).


  rins36 00:06 25 Mar 2003


Why not save the file on the desktop as 'saved e-mails'

  Megatyte 00:13 25 Mar 2003

Mail Backup was just an example. You can call it whatever you like.


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