backing up downloads

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:24 05 Jun 2004


being very poor, I am always on the hunt for free software. I download it and save it a folder I created on my D drive called exe files. I then install the downloads to a folder on my d drive called program files. My exe files folder is currently about 1.7gb and, as I am only on 150kb package, i am thinking about writing this file to DVD.

Sorry for the long intro but my question is (drumroll) will this suffice or will certain parts of the download have defaulted to my registry or something?

Basically, in the event of a formatted drive, will my backup DVD be able to install all these downloads or will crucial parts still be missing?

Sorry for droning on and TIA


  Bapou 23:29 05 Jun 2004

I normally download a program to the desktop, then copy to CD before opening and installing into the Programs folder on C: drive.

It works for me.

  powerless 23:31 05 Jun 2004

You can back them up as it's a must do.

In the event of a formatted drive you would have to install all of them again.

Registry writings are made to C: [it all depends on the app]...

Basically, in the event of a formatted drive, will my backup DVD be able to install all these downloads or will crucial parts still be missing? - Each file is perfectly OK on the DVD, doulbe click it on it will install from the DVD.

Crucial parts are in the registry...which will be gone as the format would have wiped them.

  VoG II 23:32 05 Jun 2004

Your download will be in a single file. It won't write anything to the registry until you try to install it. So, yes, you can store it elsewhere and it will still install OK.

  PSF 23:41 05 Jun 2004

If you copy your downloaded programs to a DVD they will work. It is only when they are installed that they might write to the registry.

In effect all of the downloads are separate programs and so will not be affected by copying them to a DVD/CDR. They are the installing programs not the running ones.

Anything I download goes straight to a folder I have called Downloads, then I back them up to another hard drive.

  PSF 23:42 05 Jun 2004

:-( too slow, must type faster LOL...

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:46 05 Jun 2004

4 responses in 17 minutes, very impressive!

Next question, if I right click my exe files folder and select "copy to DVDrw drive" is this okay or do I need to do them individually?



  VoG II 23:50 05 Jun 2004

Open the folder, left click on the first one, scroll down to the last one, press Shift and click on it. This will select the lot. Then right click and select "copy to DVDrw drive" .

  powerless 23:50 05 Jun 2004

Nope...Were a little slow tonight ;-)

What burning software do you use?

  PSF 23:52 05 Jun 2004

If you use a re-writable DVD you can drag and drop. I have not used a DVD writer yet but I presume Incd from Nero will work the same way.

You should be able to select all the files and copy at once.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:55 05 Jun 2004

I have a program called record now! (I love that "!" adds so much drama to the process) whichcame free with the PC, not sure if it just does CDs or DVDs as well.

When right clicking and the option to send to DVDrw I am assuming this is XPs own software?

And VoG, thanks for that and I'm not questioning you're advice but how is your way different to just copying the whole folder with a right click?



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