Backing up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

  Mrs Bear 08:25 22 May 2012

We work in a small office with 6 networked computers what is the current best way to back up our current working files on a regular basis. I don't think we are ready for drop box and we are currently using robocopy which isn't great.
Thank you

  KRONOS the First 08:59 22 May 2012

DropBox is free and works seamlessly OK you only get 2GB storage free but that can quite easily be increased to 20GB.It works for me anyway.Plus I have 1TB NAS Drive soon to be increased to 2TB. I use Goodsync to back up selected folders to the NAS drive and as any files are added or deleted these will also be added or deleted from the NAS drive. I have only 3 PC's connected and I must admit it works pretty much unattended. I check now and again that the folders have been kept in sync and so far so good.

  compumac 09:11 22 May 2012

Similar to Chronus in that I have four PC's networked and use Allway Sync to backup personal data to external drives and to a central PC. With Allway Sync you can also recover old versions of a data file in the event of later versions of that file being corrupted in some way or by incorrect entries - a very useful feature as I have found out.

  Ian in Northampton 10:11 22 May 2012

Mrs. Bear: all I'd say is - never rely on having just one backup...

  compumac 10:31 22 May 2012

Just out of interest I know of a small company that had their backups on the same disk/partition and when it crashed so did their business, as all of their customer details and their financial details were consigned to nevernever land.

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