Backing-up custom emoticoms

  olyman 14:33 07 Feb 2007

The time has come for me to reformat.
In MSN Messenger I have a number of custom emoticoms that I have collected from other peoples messages which I don't want to lose when I reformat.
How can I back these up?
I also wish to back-up message archives on MSN and Yahoo. Can I just save the folders and drag them back in when I reinstall the programs?

  mattyc_92 14:50 07 Feb 2007

To backup your Convo's, yes... Copy and Paste the folders/files

You can either copy and paste your '\Documents and Setting\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger' folder or use a tool that will restore the emoticons as image files

NOTE: I haven't tried the first option for the Emoticons, so I don't actually know if you have to do anything to 're-register' the emoticons with the account

  olyman 15:28 07 Feb 2007

Thanks matty.
I've located a folder where you suggested amidst a load of empty ones all with numbers as a title. One sub folder is titled CustomEmoticons. I'll try saving the complete folder. Presumably when I reinstall the program there will be a similar folder with a different number. I could copy the contents of the saved folder into the new one and hope for the best. There is also a folder entitled History in the same file but this doesn't contain much and doesn't seem to be an archive.There are also a number of sqm files which may or may not be significant. I think it'll be a matter of trial and error with fingers crossed.
It does seem extraordinary that there is no mention of back-ups in the Help sections either for Messenger or Hotmail. Thank heavens for MozBackUp for Thunderbird and Firefox.

  olyman 15:51 07 Feb 2007

There is also a Windows Messenger folder which contains a folder with an identical number but different contents! Perhaps the number will not change when reinstalled.
I cant find the message archive for MSN. No problem with Yahoo.

  mattyc_92 17:37 07 Feb 2007

I would personally just backup the WHOLE folder tree '\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger' just to be safe

As for the 'Chat History' for MSN, these should be located in 'My Documents\My Received Files\<emailaddress with some numbers at the end>'
Again, backup the folder tree 'My Documents\My Received' (I have done this before, and it WILL work)

Backing up the Folder Tree means you will have ALL the files, so you can use trial and error (if copying them back doesn't work out)

  olyman 19:08 07 Feb 2007

Thanks Matty

I'll do as you suggest.
I found the history files where you said.

Last time I reformatted I forgot about the messenger files. It's these odds and ends which catch you out.

  mattyc_92 20:24 07 Feb 2007

Glad I could help...

Good luck :-)

  olyman 16:01 23 Feb 2007

I did back up the folders. Unfortunately the latest version of Messenger has a completely different structure so I have been unable to transfer the Custom Emoticons - even the file types are different.

  mattyc_92 13:19 03 Mar 2007

If you want me to send you a tool to backup the emoticions, backgrounds and display pictures, email me (via the yellow envelope)
The tool is only 54KB (that's about half a MB ;-) )

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