Backing up and change of operating system.

  rondee 14:24 09 Nov 2010

After much deliberation I have purchased a new “My Book World Edition 11. White Light.
I want to eventually use this as a NAS drive.

I would now appreciate some help in what to do next please.

First I must explain that I use two computers. They are both running windows XP Pro.
I intend replacing the older of the two computers for a new one running windows 7 64 bit,
At which time I also want to delete XP from my other computer and then hopefully install windows 7.

I also have to explain that the two machines are not yet networked,
I have tried but I am having problems. But that is another story.
I also have to say that I am a silver surfer trying to get to grips with the new technology and I am having some problems. In other words I am not very good at it.

So at the moment I have the two machines running XP pro and they are loaded with all of the files and folders that I want to keep and to copy over to the two new machines on Windows 7.

Can you please help with how I best go about this?
Do I just go ahead and back up each machine separately.
If so should I try to put each machine on a separate partition of the drive?

If so how do I go about that task?

Then bearing in mind that the back ups are in XP pro, will they then load onto the new machines which will be running Windows 7 or will this cause a compatibility problem?

Any help will be greatly appreciated
Many thanks


  lotvic 18:37 09 Nov 2010

Can't help with the 'My Book World Edition 11. White Light' as no experience of them.

Regarding your personal data files, don't do backups as such, just do straight copies of the files.
one way to do it is just take the HDD out of the pc that is to be scrapped (I'll call it SlaveHDD) and hook it up to your other XP computer (so that it is a slave, secondary drive) and then copy your personal Data files (My Documents) to a new folder on your SlaveHDD. So that you end up with all your personal files from both pc's on the SlaveHDD. Then disconnect the SlaveHDD.

You can now wipe the XP comp that you are keeping and install W7.

Now you can hook up the SlaveHDD again and copy back your files to the W7 install.
And same for your new Computer when you get it.

Others may have different suggestions, I use a usb connector when I do this sort of thing.
This is the type of lead that I use USB to SATA & IDE Drive Adapter click here mine has a power adapter with it.

  john bunyan 19:04 09 Nov 2010

I can only say what I would do.
1. Get a USB HD- useful for back ups anyway.
2. Copy "My Documents" folder (if each PC has a different one, call the second one "My Documents2"
Check any other data you have generated, including downloaded (not installed programme files).
3. Export copies of all your E mail (address book etc) as W7 does not support Outlook Express, so you will need to read up on whatever replacement you intend - in my case Outlook 2007, but Windows Live or whatever.Also keep a copy of Favourites etc.
4. When you get the new W7 PC you can copy your data (My Docs) to it.(To Data partition - see below)
5. For the PC you are going to alter to W7 fou could format and do a clean install, then import as above.
6. You will have to install the hardware and other software from Discs - in the case of scanners, I think it best to download and install W7 drivers before connecting.
7. I prefer to have an OS partition of about 100 gig and the balance for data, recording TV from a Media Centre etc.Best to partition before you import data.

  Terry Brown 10:12 15 Nov 2010

First Networking

I assume you are using a router to connect to the internet for both machines.

To connect the 2 XP computers together (network) go to the contol panel on the first machine and select ' Network setup wizard'.
Accept all the defaults until you get to the format option.

If you have a floppy drive in both machines (and an available disk) select floppy disk else insert a CLEAN (no programs on it) thumb drive as all files on it will be deleted.

Continue and restart when requested.You can now go to the second machine, insert the disk (or thumb drive) and run netsetup. when done restart and both machines are now connected.

To use drag & drop or copy a file (or folder) to the shared folder (open Computer to see) and it is now available on both machines.

Caution deleting from one machine also deletes from the other machine.(on this folder only)

2-- XP and windows 7 are NOT network compatible,I believe Windows 7 automaticly finds other sytems on the network.

3-- You may find that some of your older programs will not run on Windows 7, and you may have buy new updated versions of these programs.

Hope this helps

  rondee 20:41 15 Nov 2010

Hi lotvic.
Many thanks for the helpful information.
Sorry that I have not responded before today but I seemed to have missed your response and have only just seen it.
John Bunyan,
Thanks very much for the information.
It seems simple enough even for me to try.
Terry Brown,
I am running your suggestion now and so far so good. I will keep you informed.
Thanks for your help.

Many thanks to all.

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