Backing-up to CD-R - wasted space

  IbanezRX 10:08 05 Jun 2004

why is it when i copied 1 track of music from my pc to a cd-r disc does it not allow me to copy further tracks later, when there is plenty of room left on the disc? This seems a totol waste of e cd. Is there no way round this?

  jack 10:15 05 Jun 2004

check that your Burning programs is set to 'Open'

at the moent it looks as if it is set to 'closed'
ie. 1 burn and then closed off.

  Stuartli 10:17 05 Jun 2004

...the CD-R in multisession mode until it is full, then Finalise.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 10:39 05 Jun 2004

Hello - Burning 1 track at a time is very wasteful anyway as everytime you create a part of a multisession burn the prog has to write a lead in and lead out which devours disc space. If you can prepare a compilation before burning you will be able to use less multisession sessions and store more tracks.

  Stuartli 10:45 05 Jun 2004

But nowhere near as wasteful as only burning one track at a time....

What you say is true but with 700MB to go at (less disk information requirements) it's hardly enough to worry about.

  Stuartli 10:47 05 Jun 2004

I mean, of course, not as wasteful as one track per disk - burning as much as possible on each multisession input is sensible.

  Eric10 10:48 05 Jun 2004

It all depends on how you are wanting to play your finished CD. If it's to play on your PC then create the CD as a Data disc and do not Close/Finalise until the CD is full. This will create a multi-session CD so take note of the comments above. If you are wanting to play the CD on your Hi-Fi system then you will need to save the tracks on your hard drive until you have enough to fill the CD and then burn as a Music/Audio CD. This doen't allow leaving the track Open because burning for Hi-Fi systems has to be done in a single session because the players don't understand multi-session. This situation may have changed for the latest Hi-Fi systems that play MP3s etc. but since I don't have one of these I can't comment on them.

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