Backing up C: drive to dvd

  hiwatt 12:50 24 Mar 2009

Morning folks.Just a quick question regarding acronis.Is it possible to back up an image of just my C:drive(There's 42GB of 80GB free)to a SINGLE dvd?

  gazzaho 13:32 24 Mar 2009

To be honest I doubt it, I just made a backup of my notebook with a fresh installation of Windows MC edition, fully updated and with a few programs I use installed, the used space is 16.9 GB and I used 3 DVD disks on full compression with Acronis.

You might be able to reduce the size of the backup a little by defragmenting the drive and switching off system restore before the backup but I can't see it helping much.

I'm pretty new to Acronis so I may be wrong, there may be a way I'm unaware of to do what you want, if I am then someone is bound to correct me.

  ACOLYTE 13:36 24 Mar 2009

With dvd9 i think the most you can get is around 9/10GB to 1 dvd,so afaik you cannot get 42Gb on one dvd.

  DieSse 13:42 24 Mar 2009

No, you'll never get this amount of compression.

But - it can do it to several DVDs, so the only real issue is cost.

In the long run it pays to get an external drive, and image to that.

  hiwatt 13:46 24 Mar 2009

I didn't thik so but just I'd ask incase there was a way.What I'm a bit unsure of is how you can take a single "snapshot" of your drive but spread it out and then restore that single image from several dvd's?P.s the external drive is at the top of my "To get list" Funds are tight just now.Thanks folks.

  gazzaho 14:01 24 Mar 2009

The Acronis program splits the backup into smaller files, 4GB with FAT 32 file systems. I have a full C: backup of my desktop PC which, at the moment is 167GB saved to an external drive as 98.6GB split over 25 4GB files. As a comparison, if saving to DVD I would need perhaps 26 DVD disks as each one only stores 4GB or so of data.

  hiwatt 14:34 24 Mar 2009

That's a lot of discs.I was thinking a few but not that many.I know a dvd is only 4GB but I thougt it would be compressed a good bit.My drive is 80GB so I'll need 20 discs?I am gonna get an external drive but I really want to have a back up in place at the moment.I've got an old computer with an 80gb drive but I'm procrastinating.I'll just have to be brave and remove the drive and try and attach it to my computer in the meantime.

  gazzaho 15:11 24 Mar 2009

No you read me wrong! Using Acronis my desktop Pc backup with full compression went from 167GB to 98.6GB, that's just over half the size of the original.

With full compression you could get your full C: drive (I guess 38GB used space) backup down to approximately just over 20GB and perhaps use only 5 or so disks. I guess it would depend on the compression achieved, as I said switch off system restore and defrag the drive before backup to reduce the size even more, switching off system restore will "delete" all restore points and free up disk space so remember to switch restore back on and create a restore point after the backup.

  hiwatt 19:09 24 Mar 2009

Can you explain how you can restore your C: drive using more than 1 dvd?I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding how a single disc image can be restored using say 5 discs?

  gazzaho 19:26 24 Mar 2009

When restoring from back up you would first boot from the Acronis boot CD disk you create when first running the program, this boots you into the Acronis backup environment. From here you can choose which drive your backup is installed on, the program will ask you where the last file is located, normally the last disk in the set. When you select the file it will then ask you to insert the first disk and will commence the restoration, the program handles the disks automatically, just insert the disks when asked.

It's just like installing a game from multiple disks, when the program needs another disk it will ask you to insert it.

  hiwatt 10:37 25 Mar 2009

Well explained.Thanks.

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