Backing up Antivirus definitions.

  ralph-226856 16:01 14 Aug 2003

Hello all, I currently use Ontrack Utilites,Fixit version 4. I propose to uninstall it and try Norton System Works. Before I do so I would like to back up my Ontrack current Antivirus definitions so that if I decide to switch back to Ontrack I don't have to start getting Antivirus updates from scratch. My problem is that I don't know where Ontrack stores it's Antivirus update files, and if I did i'm not sure of the procedure for backing them up.Can anybody please help?. Please make any answers simple as I am on a learning curve with PCs.My operating system is Windows 98SE.

  BillEmm 16:12 14 Aug 2003

use a dynamic method of updating and storing their definitions and they cannot be backed up and restored.

To restore your system to the current AV level you will need to re-install the product and then perform the on-line update.

This is a generalised answer as I do not know for certain that the OnTrack product conforms to the norm.

Maybe a quick question to OnTrack Utilities Support Group is in order.


  ralph-226856 11:16 16 Aug 2003

Thanks BillEmm for your reply to my question. I've not had anyone else telling me it can be done, so I assume your right. I will ask Ontack though just to cofirm things. Thanks again.

  xania 14:19 16 Aug 2003

A word of warning. Most AV software will not like any other AV software on the HD, so make sure you delete it all before installing Norton. You need to understand that AV software looks for 'singnatures' in scanning files, against a database of virus signature, so it stands to reason that all AV software could see othe AV software as a virus.

  ralph-226856 15:42 22 Aug 2003

Thanks for the tip xania,I'll make sure I do that before installing Norton.

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