Backing Up to Another HD

  AJ25 22:06 19 Dec 2005

I have purchased an external HD which is the same size as the internal one. After reading a lot of articles about backing up, and following my own disaster with Norton Ghost, this seems to be the best way (or at least the most comprehensive).

What is the best way to now make an identical copy of my HD?

Thanks in advance

  VoG II 22:12 19 Dec 2005

Norton Ghost.

What 'disaster'?

  AJ25 22:17 19 Dec 2005

Please lets not go there. I tried to use it and a message came up telling me to run a CHKDSC or something similar. I ran this and as it was taking ages, left it running overnight. Next day I had a blue screen....nothing would change this blue screen. I tried all kinds of key strokes and still blur screen. So I re-booted. Result= No valid insallation of Windows. Called up MESH...cut a long story short, new install of windows...loads more problems with drivers. Now I have things almost perfect again and even retrieved most of my data which was on a laptop. Now I want to back up the HD onto the external one...hence my question

  Sapins 22:35 19 Dec 2005

I have also bought an external HDD and used the backup facility in XP Home to copy the entire contents of the internal drive, if backup is not in All programmes/Accessories/system tools/ you have to install the backup facility from the XP CD. My disaster was with DI7.

  tonyx1302 23:32 19 Dec 2005

I have just installed parts of XP home that I wanted and not the whole 5 discs !

I would also like to install the backup facility from my XP cd so I can copy the entire contents of my pc also onto an external HDD, but which cd is it on please as I cannot find it listed on any of the discs ?

Thank you


  pharte 23:47 19 Dec 2005

I did the same the other comp and I plugged me ext hd in the usb......didn't realise what was going on and saw the last portion of chkdisk running after being away from the comp for 5 mins.
I was stumped for ages and had to get help to find out why I couldn't access my ext hard drive....turns out that windows thought it was a bootable drive and chkdisked it and now I need a boot setup to access it or a total format and loose all my backup data.

  Sapins 09:32 20 Dec 2005

I only have one CD for XP Home, I have never heard of more than one except for 98SE, I found it on the installation disc.

If you go to start/control panel/add/remove programmes/add/remove windows components, choose backup and it will tell you to insert the XP CD, follow the instructions from there.

Hope this helps,



  Sapins 09:40 20 Dec 2005

Just thinking about what you said. If the external drive is a USB one you could try unplugging it and then plug it back in. I may be wrong but I don't think check disc will prevent you from accessing it.

As to the data on the external drive have a look at this free programme, click here you can choose the language at the top right, you can recover the data to your internal drive with it.

  Sapins 09:42 20 Dec 2005

"If the external drive is a USB one", which it is, not reading clearly this morning:-(

  pj123 10:26 20 Dec 2005

You could also try xxclone click here or xxcopy click here

  jimmer409® 10:34 20 Dec 2005

i use drive image 7, works great

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