Backing up to a 2nd disk drive?

  EDDY7 10:45 24 Jun 2004

I am thinking of installing a 2nd IDE HDD and useing it purely to keep a copy of My Documents on as backup in case anything goes wrong with the primary drive.
Can anyone recommend a free utility that will automatically do this? There’s so many to choose from! There’s a lot of data in there so I could do with it just updating the stuff that has changed since the last backup or even better just writing to both disks at the same time RAID style! Making a complete copy each time would take quite a while!
Thanks in advance!

  Big Elf 11:10 24 Jun 2004

I do it with a batch file. This is an extract:

xcopy C:\data\*.* /S /R /y /d:05/18/2004 d:\data
This copies files that have been created or updated on the 18 May from the 'Data' folder on the C:\ drive to the 'Data' folder on the D:\ drive and overwrites any files without prompting.

The above is for Windows 2000 and XP. The command format is slightly different for earlier versions of Windows.

I also use a batch file which opens up the backup batch file for editing and then I use 'Search and Replace' to change the date.

  Big Elf 11:14 24 Jun 2004

PS If the folder name is longer than 8 characters then you need to enclose the folder name within quote marks e.g.

xcopy c:\"documents and settings"\SRW\favorites\*.* /S /R /y /d:05/18/2004 d:\favorites\

  rawprawn 14:04 24 Jun 2004

click here Version Backup, is the best free backup I have seen yet. I hope that this link works, the site is in German and I have put up the translated link. If it doesn't type Version backup int google and then click on translate this page on the link.

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