Backing up 2 drives with Acronis True Image

  twolf 09:59 11 Jan 2008


I am just about to buy a new external drive to back-up my PC. My PC has two internal drives, one running XP and the other running Vista.

I have 3 questions:

1. I'm gonna get Acronis True Image 11 to back up both drives, could I back up my vista drive and XP drive bot to the same external drive?

2. One of my drives in my PC yesterday started making a really loud, high pitched noise (sounded the fan running on full to start with) and the drive then became inaccessible :-( After taking the drive, I put it back in again and it's okay again now, although a little noisy, so I want to back up ASAP!! Is it wise to back-up the drive if it's on it's way out ie - would the back-up be of no use?

3. I presume if I manage to mirror my XP drive, I could install a new drive and and use the mirrored back-up to do a full restore to it?

Thanks a lot

  rawprawn 10:17 11 Jan 2008

1, If your external drive is big enough you can do it. I would backup each drive individually (Different Backups) to the external drive.
2, I would Clone that drive now to your external
3, yes

  twolf 10:47 11 Jan 2008

Thanks for the quick reply!

I have just had confirmation that the company I purchased the drive from will replace it, as it's only just over 2 months old. That leaves me with a dilemma ... should I just back-up the drive then send it back and hope when the new one arrives everything restores okay? Also if I send it back, should I wipe the drive first, amd if I do that would they still be able to check it?

Thanks again

  rawprawn 11:13 11 Jan 2008

I would Clone the drive (I assume the replacement hd will go back in the same computer)I would ask the question will they send the new drive first so that you can transfer the data, and then return the damaged drive to them. If not you have no alternative but to hope all restores OK although I can see no reason why it shouldn't unless Acronis has problems with the damaged drive. If Acronis says Backup Successful you should have no worries.
If possible I would wipe the drive before returning it, they should still be able to check it.

  stylehurst 16:34 11 Jan 2008

If you have multiple drives to back up to an external drive why not partition the external drive, then you could keep your Vista drive back up in 1 partition, & your XP in the other.

  twolf 09:56 13 Jan 2008

Thanks you all for your advice. I have now fitted a new drive and copied the contents of my old drive to the new one using Acronis True Image (which I didn't feel was as easy as their website said). All seems to function okay apart from for some reason XP is needing to do a software update, it looks pretty much the way it would do if I had just installed it, it's asking to download the validation tool and about 30 updates, some critial.

I am guessing this might be because when I backed-up my old drive there were 3 or 4 bad clusters?

When I try to update, the updates download but won't install. I Googled it and looked up the error code on the Microsoft site, the resolve was to to stop 'automatic update' in services, then delete the updates download directory and start 'automatic update' again, I also applied a patch which had been reported to fix the problem, still can't apply the updates though!

What I would like to know is:
1. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?


2. I only use this drive (running XP corporate edition) to make music on, I don't use it for surfing the net or any thing else but my music software (I use the other drive running Vista to do any other tasks / surfing net etc) so could I just not install the updates on the XP drive?

  rawprawn 10:33 13 Jan 2008

Is the XP SP1, or SP2. If it's still SP1 it won't update properly until you install SP2.

  twolf 10:54 13 Jan 2008

It is Service Pack 2 already

  rawprawn 10:57 13 Jan 2008

Try a syatem file scan. Start>Run>and type
sfc /scannow then hit enter. You may need your XP CD.

  kdt 11:53 13 Jan 2008

sorry to hijack the thread but is Acronis True Image 8.0 any good if it is free on magazine dvd?

  rawprawn 11:59 13 Jan 2008

I used V 7 for years with no trouble at all, I would think 8 is fine. They were giving away V 7 a while ago and that was OK.

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