background/header problem in word

  jonnyg111 10:31 06 Apr 2007

I am preparing a Word document and I wish to have a background colour for the first page only. I also want a header/footer for every page except the first. However, Word seems to apply the background/header equally to every page: there seems to be no way to make the first page special. Help gratefully received.


  VoG II 10:32 06 Apr 2007

Insert a Section Break at the end of page 1. You should then be able to apply your formatting to individual sections.

  jonnyg111 16:25 06 Apr 2007

Thanks for getting back, VoG. I can't seem to get your advice to work, however. I click at the end of page 1, go to Insert, then Break, then... to Page break? I have tried Page break and Next page, which seem to be the only sensible choices, yet neither split the document into sections - if I change the background it still changes for the whole document, and similarly for the header content.

  VoG II 16:33 06 Apr 2007

It should be Insert > Break > Section (next page)

depending on which version of Word you have.

In Word 2007 it is Page Layout > Breaks.

  jonnyg111 16:57 06 Apr 2007

I am in Word 2003. I click at th end of the page, then go to Insert>Break. This give sme this:


  jonnyg111 17:01 06 Apr 2007

Sorry, something went crazy there!

I am in Word 2003. I click at the end of the page, then go to Insert > Break. This gives me this:

page break
column break
text wrapping break

next page
even page
odd page

I now check 'next page' (only one of the above can be checked.) When I then change the background for the next page, the background changes on page one as well, which is not what I want.


  Eric10 17:13 06 Apr 2007

For the header problem:
After choosing 'Next Page' under 'Section break types' make sure to deselect the 'Link to Previous' button before you type in the header on page two.

I can't see an easy way around your background colour problem and Word's help seems to imply that it isn't possible. If the document is for printing perhaps you could print the first page on coloured paper?

  Batch 17:24 06 Apr 2007

When you are viewing the header/footers, select the subsequent (2nd) header (or footer) and one of the options on the Header/Footer Toolbar should be "Same as previous". Click on this and then you should be able to do each section separately.

  jonnyg111 18:53 06 Apr 2007

Header problem now sorted, thank you everyone. I am preparing a Word document that I will then turn into a PDF file (in effect an ebook) so I want the different background colour for the cover. If I was preparing HTML files for a different type of ebook, I would know what to do, but this has to be PDF, and I don't want to bundle different PDF files together. If anyone can crack my background problem I'd be very grateful.


  Whaty 19:24 06 Apr 2007

jonnyg111, I also have Word 2003 and I 'think' I've achieved what you need by following VoG™ suggestion with a tweek.

On page one I adjusted the margin settings to '0' (zero). I then used Format, Borders & Shading to set the background colour. I used TABS to align the text as required.

At the bottom of page one I used Insert, Break, Section break types (next page).

The cursor moves to the next page.

I then reset the page margins and choose the option Appy To: This point forward

Then, through Format, Borders & Shading, I set Fill to 'No Fill'.

Hope this helps, good luck.

  Eric10 20:38 06 Apr 2007

Another possible work around:
After setting up your sections and header, go to the first page and open a header dialogue. Create a text box starting inside the header area then enlarge it to cover the whole page. Set the text box 'inside margins' to zero, set its Fill to the required colour and the Line to 'no line'.
Close the header dialogue. When you convert this to a PDF it will have a white margin round the page but it may be good enough for your purposes.

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