Background (Wallpaper) for Vista

  polypody 20:02 26 Nov 2008

I recently upgraded to Vista (Home Premium) after running my old PC with Windows 98. I used software called WallpaperPro, supplied by Galt in the USA, to change the wallpaper at regular intervals, e.g. on start Up, after one hour etc. Galt no longer supply this software & I am wondering if there is currently any on the market that can 'supply my needs'

  tullie 20:10 26 Nov 2008

have you tried our friend Google?

  dwe 21:01 26 Nov 2008

try msn wallpapers free download

  ambra4 01:18 27 Nov 2008

Try this WallMaster

The free and easiest way to master your desktop wallpapers!

click here

  polypody 18:18 01 Dec 2008

Thanks for all your help.

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