background transmission whilst on-line

  wlw 15:23 02 Apr 2004

Using MS XP Family version I often notice background or subterranean transmission going on.

I can see from the little window (provided by my ISP - ATTGLOBAL) that my system is either sending or receiving data without any specific action having been initiated by myself.
It is not my virus update so what can it be?

Is there any way to see what programmes are functionning automatically (by sending or receiving data) in the background ?

This gernerally happens soon after going on-line (on dial-up).

Anyone willing to advise? Thks.

  xania 15:32 02 Apr 2004

When you first go on-line, your virus checker and any other software will be checking their approrpaite web-sites for updates. If you have a firewall installed, this will ask you for approval before allowing this to happen, and you are then given the option of giving a one-off approval or blanket approval to that software accessing that site.

  johnnyrocker 15:40 02 Apr 2004

have you any anti spyware installed?.


  wlw 16:43 02 Apr 2004

johhnyrocker, no anti-spyware installed, but I do have a firewall, as well as a virus checker.

I may have set the firewall (some time ago) to have automatic access.

But the question still remains...
How does one identify the what subterranean transmission is going on?

ct, alt & delete keys ?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:49 02 Apr 2004

Try click here

will tell you whats useing your connection.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:49 02 Apr 2004

TCPview that is lol


  wlw 17:15 02 Apr 2004

nickname, thks will try it out.


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