Background or no background...?

  ionsurge 14:52 26 Jun 2003

Hello all,

I just need your opinions on one issue; should this site have a background, or should it stay without? Whatever comes up most will be the final result, whether I like it or not. :)

Anyhow, here are the links:

With background:

click here

Without background:

click here

All the code, and CSS are valid XHtml 1.1, so I am not in need of any input in those respects. I don't mind input in terms of design and ease of use. All the links (almost) are deadlinked. The content area will have images, and so on, so please no commenting concerning that.

Thanks all,


  ionsurge 14:57 26 Jun 2003

Quick addition, by the way, it is optimized for 56k use, so it should load within a few seconds.

The tables are dynamic (flexible), and had to be used, so no suggestions regarding tabless layouts.

Also, suggestions for alternatives to the background is appreciated too. However, we do not want the whole of the window to be covered by the page, and it has to be at a maximum of 90% of the screen.

Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 23:13 26 Jun 2003

the non-background version.

The layout is a standard one, and pretty safe - you'll see it, or something almost identical on thousands of sites. The navigation looks OK, but as virtually none of the links work you aren't likely to get much by way of consructive criticism on the ease of use.

You don't have to make a copyright claim (your copyright automatically exists in law from the moment you publish the site) but if you are going to make a claim you should include the year date. If copyright is something that particularly concerns you because of the nature of the site content you might want to institute a copyright date-stamping procedure. Each time you make changes to the content save them (the changed pages) to a CD. The files will be date-stamped, and you can use the CD archive as an audit trail in the event of any disputes. I routinely do this on all the sites I design amd maintain for clients, and it has paid off on more than one occasion.

In the case of really sensitive data you can mail a CD copy of the site/pages to yourself by special delivery and keep the sealed envelope. Nobody can argue about dates in that situation.

There's a distinct, and very noticeable lack of colour on the site - at least as it stands now there is. It makes the whole page look uninviting and washed out. I note that you say there'll be images in the content, and that may well be your saving grace - there's certainly not much eye-appeal in it at the moment.

  Forum Editor 23:17 26 Jun 2003

I've jut noticed that although there's no year date on the len2/ copyright claim there is one on the home page. It would be best to include it on all the pages if you're going to do it at all.

  ionsurge 23:31 26 Jun 2003

Sorry that is just a design fault. That is now fixed.

In terms of the copyright factor, it isn't really a major issue, as the site is intended to be completely free for everyone, and well anyone is free to use whatever they want from the site-to-be.

I agree with what you say, and well the background will not be present in the next release of the design. In terms of the colour, I'll work on a secondary release for it, and post that up, probably as a new thread, mainly because having it in here would sort of defeat the purpose of the thread title.

I'll put that up tomorrow, maybe the day after, but it mainly depends upon the work I have during the day, so it could easily go either way.

Oh - it is great to see that this place works in Opera now.


Cheers Forum Editor for your response.

  toniee 10:43 28 Aug 2003

Hi there
I have a very simple web site with each page filling the browser as normal - I want to modify the pages so they have a light grey background behind each page, in the same way as ionsurge has done - 90% would be fine
Have tried to find out how to do this, so far without success.
Did as search on background and came to this thread - Could someone help please
A'm using FrontPage 2002
Many thanks

  zoomer 12:19 28 Aug 2003

like the site without background, I like this type of site though so maybe I`m biased, very nice clean crisp look and stylish logo.Some colour mini-pics might add style?

toniee I havent used front page but I suspect its just tables and cells you should look at

  esl_webber 13:34 28 Aug 2003

without is definitly the way to go.
looks very clean and stylish

  Gaz 25 01:02 13 Sep 2003

Just as a note, I like the non-background one!

Is is rapid dwnld speed the site!

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